Little Pitchfork Ranch Raise Bison in Alaska!

On the Mat-Su Farm Bureau Farm Tour last week the highlight of our day was an Alaska Farmers Lunch at the Little Pitchfork Ranch and a tour of the buffalo herd.  Owner Todd Pettit led our bus up the mountain, through gorgeous fertile green fields flanked with fuchsia colored fireweed wildflowers to the range where a herd of over 80 buffalo roam, are fed, bred, and raised to be butchered for excellent prime meat.  Todd knows each and every animal by name and has nurtured this herd for more than 10 years, he led them to surround our bus using the blue bucket full of feed.

I have to admit I was one of the only brave ones to exit the bus for photos and got a little nervous when this curious beast trotted right up to me.  They are massive.  Todd explained how wonderful these animals are to raise and said he would rather have a herd of 80 buffalo than 20 elk (which he also raises).  The elk give him tons of trouble, where the bison keep together and defend themselves as a unit, the elk are all over the place sparring and fighting during the rut to the death.  It is exciting to know that we have a ranch of this quality in the Mat-Su valley and that this excellent meat can be ordered and stored for consumption in our own freezers.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska wildlife artist

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  1. We are the directors of the Alaska Dream Center which is a drug and alcohol addiction recovery center in Palmer on New Hope St. We are very interested in raising Buffalo and would love to meet with you. Please give us a call at your convenience.
    Rob 907-982-2257
    Cherise 907-982-1995

  2. You will have to contact the Little Pitchfork Ranch, I am an artist and do not raise nor do I own a buffalo. Best wishes!

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