Last Day at Bear Camp

CanoeTripOur guide suggested hiking through the woods to a nearby lake where canoes are available to use.  Stepping over fresh bear scat along the trail made us cautiously check the nearby brush for bears.  At the lake we could see black bears, we saw two on our last trip three years ago.  Our guests were not familiar with navigating a canoe so a huge amount of time was spent giggling as we watched them continuously go in the wrong direction becoming hopelessly tangled in the weeds.  It is a beautiful setting, half of the lake is covered in yellow pond lilies surrounded by their huge platter shaped leaves.

BearHugThe final morning we watched a boar and sow chase each other all through the sedges, romping and rolling, their huge bodies amazingly adroit and nimble.  We were there during the mating season, courtships were common.  Grizzly bears are not monagamous, our guide told us that often twins or triplets are fathered by different males.  It was refreshing  to watch animals thrive in their own habitat, coming and going on their own schedules, finding food and mating without the interference of humans.  This is indeed a very special place and I am better for the experience.

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