January Alaska Sunrise

JanuarySunriseThis photo was taken around 9:30AM earlier this week from the upstairs window of my studio.  Our Alaska weather has been like spring break-up, which usually doesn’t happen until April.  It has been so mild, and rainy, it seems strange especially when we read of the Polar Vortex literally freezing the East coast.  While that part of the country is engulfed in snow storms and cold weather, something that we look forward to up here, we’ve been basking in +40 degrees.   It has wreaked havoc on the downhill ski resort, dog mushing trails, roads on frozen ground, and everything else.  Our lake is a standing pool of water on top of two foot thick ice.  While we savor our cold winters, the lower 48 is paralyzed when it happens.  I’m not complaining other than having to continuously clean my headlights and windshields, I know we will experience cold and snow again before the winter is over so I’m enjoying this reprieve.  And, the spectacularly colorful skies that it brings.

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