Hiking Hatcher Pass Gold Mint Trail


This week five of us tackled the first three miles of the Gold Mint Trail at Hatcher Pass.  Not pictured (taking our photo) is Mary Kate Mayer, and from left to right; Carol Turner, Sue Mues, me, and Mary Mystrom.  What started out as a cloudy cool day turned into perfect, sunny hiking weather.  We all decided that our goal by the end of summer will be to hike all the way to the glacier, a total of nine miles making an eighteen mile round trip.  It was agreed that Hatcher Pass is awesome!

Gail Niebrugge, Landscape artist

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  1. Hi Mary Kate is my daughter and she had told me about
    this hike. You gals are certainly ambitious! great picture too!
    I love the scenery you took in, and also saw the picture
    taken at the top of the Butte last week. Keep up the
    awesome treks…………..look forward to more photography!

    My best to All of MK’a neighbors………………..

  2. Hi Darlene!
    I just love Mary Kate, she is a strong committed professional with a heart of gold. You did a good job mom! Yes, we hope to keep our aging bodies lithe and toned with these hiking ventures and I will post all of them on my blog. Hugs, to you.

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