Hard to Find Studio Time

With the long daylight and gorgeous temperatures of summer, tending the garden seems to be taking priority over working in the studio.  Of course, my recent shoulder surgery and husbands heart attack and his subsequent hospitalization for blood glucose issues have taken most of my time recently, I find that when I have a free day I’m in the yard and not in the studio.  Guilt is overcoming me.  So, today and tomorrow I vowed to be chained to my easel, knowing that any time tomorrow my family will arrive from Montana and my priorities will change again.   Thus it is during summer in Alaska.  The call of the outdoors is very strong.  Outside birds are chirping, sun is shining, weeds are growing and I’m in the studio.  Meanwhile I’ve hired lawn guys to keep up the grass and a great gal to weed for me.  But, as my mind starts to wander, I find myself thinking I need to deadhead the roses.  Maybe at lunch…….

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