Good Samaritans Assemble Bed

Bob has had trouble walking and falling so we are using all the equipment we can to keep him safe. He fell the other day and cracked a rib among other injuries. Good friends loaned us a wheelchair yesterday, and while reading the local paper the Frontiersman, I saw an article about an amazing lady who gathers donated medical equipment and delivers to those who need them. I called her to see if she might have a hospital bed, and she said she was on her way to Anchorage at that very moment to pick one up. She offered to swing by and drop it off later in the day. Sure enough she brought the bed, but it had to be assembled. This morning I got a call from a neighbor who said her husband, Paul Johnson, and another neighbor, Jack, were on their way to our house to set-up the bed! Sure enough after several frustrating minutes the two guys figured it out and assembled the bed for Bob. They were also kind enough to take his old bed out to the other garage to store. I am so thankful for good, caring neighbors. Thank you Jack and Paul!

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  1. Noella Ross says:

    Good friends and neighbours are a wonderful blessings in these times, aren’t they! You are both in my prayers. Love xxx

  2. Yes they are, thank you Noella

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