Glennallen Reunion in Niebrugge Studio Booth

GlennallenReunionSunday brought old friends to the booth at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.  Bob is on the left then Betty Vierson, Linda Marchini’s brother & wife and Linda herself, Evelyn Bunch, and on the far right Gina Marchini.  School teachers were well represented with two retired, Betty and Evelyn, and brand new teacher Gina.  Minutes after this group left old Copper Center neighbor, and retired teacher, Andy Zajac stopped to say hello.  I will miss this part of doing the fair and will have to figure a way to continue contact with these special people.  At this point we are planning to do a two-day Open House next summer at our residence/studio on Finger Lake, Wasilla, and invite every one via email, snail mail, and Facebook.

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