From Heather Lende Sunday Post

“You shall love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart./”- W.H.

My favorite lessons are from Matthew’s gospel. Blessed are the meek,
blessed are the peacemakers, and let your shine in the darkness, pray in
private, don’t act all holy and good, and the big one: love your neighbor
as yourself. “Neighbor” meaning everyone, basically. Even the jerks. And
that is the tricky, and yet most crucial part of being a Christian, isn’t
it? Which is why I love this verse about my crooked heart, from my fellow
Episcopalian, poet W.H. Auden.

He also wrote this verse, about why love is so important, no matter what
your faith is:

/I and the public know/

/What all schoolchildren learn,/

/Those to whom evil is done,/

/Do evil in return. /

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