“First Color” Crocus Original Painting

Original painting by artist Gail Niebrugge


“First Color” original painting

Watercolor and acrylic on rag paper 22″ x 30″, matted and framed under glass 32″ x 40″, SOLD

Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge will never forget the first time she saw the wildflower Crocus. It was spring in her new house in Copper Center, Alaska. The front yard (forest) faced south with a sloping dirt bank down to the road. The artist was out inspecting the yard, tromping through snow, and discovered a snow-free spot on the south facing earthen embankment. It felt good to sit down and feel dirt again, after a bitterly cold winter, she relaxed and leaned back against a log and watched a Bald Eagle circle overhead. Summer was on the way! Shifting to her side, Niebrugge was startled to see a purple blossom about the shape of an egg, barely poking out of the ground! Searching the rest of the area she was elated to find a group of six of these wildflowers all together, and later learned that they were called Crocus. It became a ritual to visit that spot every spring and be greeted by the miracle of these hearty, wildflowers. They became artist Niebrugge’s next focus of attention to study and paint.


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