Exploring the Allen River Channel


We broke our camp near the Wernicke River on the Copper River, Alaska, in 1998 on the morning of our fourth day, and floated through Baird Canyon to a spot on the east bank at the Allen River lake outwash/overflow channel.  We explored the whole region from the Allen River mouth area on both sides.  Much evidence of the historic Copper River and Northwest Railway remains in this region.

The remains of pilings from a trestle crossed the Allen  River outflow, and rails were still visible at the end of the road bed.

We found a new channel from the Copper River to the Allen River and paddled, weaving our way through narrow, grassy sandbars until we joined the Copper River again further south.  This is a beautiful, scenic historic area, and extremely interesting to explore.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska artist

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