Evening Sun Delights Artist at Murie Cabin


Bob and I spent our last evening together at the Murie cabin in Denali National Park sitting on the porch watching nature at work, the welcome sun warmed the ancient timbers. Bob has bonded with the squirrels who are in perpetual motion stocking their nests under the front stoop. He leaves in the morning on the first bus east to resume work at the studio after six days in the park. I have four days left in the residency and much work to do, hopefully the weather cooperates.

I felt a change in the air, it was fresh and clear with no trace of smoke. Perhaps several days of rain quenched the wildfires or the wind direction shifted pushing the thick haze somewhere else. Regardless, the warm glow of sunlit dusk was a welcome sight and for the first time I had excellent opportunities to shoot photos for painting research. For me, good paintings are all about the light. Without a strong source of illumination the subject is flat and lifeless. All week I’ve had nothing but dreary conditions from low clouds, or a grey-brown smoky haze filtered landscape. I shot photos until the last rays of the sun burnished the mountain tops and the rest of the land was dark. I think I have something to work with when I return to the studio. Finally! I smiled to myself and felt good!

Gail Niebrugge, Denali Artist-in-Residence

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  1. So glad you had a touch of sun and some good light. I love your photo composition and colour – now there lies an interesting painting.

  2. Could be, but there is more. Gail

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