Common Green Aurora Borealis Original Painting SOLD

Original Painting by Artist Gail Niebrugge


Original Painting “Green Aurora”

acrylic on rag board 7″ x 15″

Original SOLD, limited edition prints sold out

On a clear night during winter the green aurora borealis can be found dancing in the sky somewhere. One has only to watch and wait and this beautiful phenomena will appear. Unfortunately this is not the case in the city where man-made lights obscure the sky, to experience their full beauty drive to the wilderness.  While studying these events Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge learned that their are many different colors and configurations of the northern lights, green is the most common and the tallest and can extend upward for more than a mile. Niebrugge loves Alaska in the winter, every day is different from the next, always changing, always beautiful.  “As an artist,” Niebrugge says, ” I am blessed.”

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, wilderness painter

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