More Fog

What can I say? Fog, fog, and more fog.

Sunset Reflection

Sometimes nature just takes my breath away.

Fall Sunset

Last evening the view from our back yard. Gorgeous!

Our View of the Eclipse

Disappointing, but this was our view of the Eclipse yesterday.

Staggering Brilliant Sunset

Even as the wind howls, the sun sets behind the ridge and the skies turn multiple colors of red and orange.

Two Suns?

This was a strange phenomena, as the sun set New Years day it appeared as two suns once it was behind the trees. Took a photo to prove this.

Fireworks Across The Lake

Last night our neighbors had quite a party with fireworks, and we had a ring-side seat viewing them from the warm comfort of our home.

Sunset on Ice

Another stunning sunset around 3:30PM.

Wind Clouds

The wind is blowing pretty good, and it must be close to 100 mph up near those strung-out clouds. It is blowing 40-50 here at the lake. The sun is shining, and when out of the wind, it is lovely outside.

Sunrise Through The Trees

This morning the sunrise was quite beautiful, even looking through the trees from my studio. The weather has warmed up to the mid 40’s. Lake ice is very thin, I hope no one tries to drive out there yet. It needs to be at least 3′ thick to support a vehicle.

White Caps and Dust

Nasty wind blew all night and on into today. Dust and smoke in the air. My heart goes out to the firefighters battling the blaze near Sutton, Alaska. The wooden Niebrugge Studio sign on the front porch has been banging against the wall. Not fun to take puppy Princess for potty walks.

Tuesday Sunrise

Another colorful Alaska sunrise.

Rain, Rain, Rain

This morning we woke to wind and rain, a hard soaking rain. It looks like it will stay that way for a few days. Last night I had a worker spray the yard with weed killer, I wonder if it had a chance to work? I guess we’ll know in a couple of days.

Sunrise on the Mountains

This morning looking south at the sunrise on the distant mountains, quite beautiful.

Labor Day Rain

A gray and wet day, and not one that would entice a visit the State Fair. Maybe it will clear up a bit this afternoon.

Wow, Torrential Rain!

Thunder, lightening, heavy, heavy rain. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain this hard. The rivers will swell-up fast, and the flooding will begin.

April Sunset

I looked out at the lake last evening and watched this gorgeous sunset. Beautiful Alaska.

January 2, 2016 Morning Sky

The weather continues to be unseasonably warm, 40 degrees this morning, and the wind is still blowing. I’d like to see some snow.

The Moon Last Night

Last night.

Tree, Dock, Moon

Last night, so beautiful.

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