Seriously Gorgeous Sunset

Wow, we’ve had some seriously gorgeous sunsets lately.

Ready for Winter

With the help of three wonderful women; Rachel, Patty, and JoAnn, I was able to finish getting the yard ready for winter. We cut back perennials, pulled weeds, and cleaned up. Yay, a big job done. Thank you my lovely women friends. The rain forecast for the whole week did not materialize, it was a […]

Rain Forecast for all Week

I’m glad we got the last of the garden harvested this morning just before the rain began, and it is coming down hard right now. The potatoes are drying on newspaper in the detached garage, the carrots are stored in buckets of sand and we are eating the few beets that are left. I froze […]

Fireweed Fall

The wildflower Fireweed, is beautiful throughout all of the seasons. The leaves have turned all shades of yellow, orange and red this fall, and adds rich color to the yard.

Rose Tree Of China in the Fall

One of the more spectacular fall colored plants in my yard is the Rose Tree of China. I planted several in the yard out by the lake and the colors this year are gorgeous!

From Green To Gold

The neighbors lot next to our fenced garden is filled with Paper Birch trees changing from green to gold. We needed a 7′ fence around the garden because moose love to hang out in the woods next door, and were feasting on our veges. Moose can jump a fence lower than 7′, this one has […]

Cutting Back Perennials

Bob sat on his walker and helped me a bit yesterday, we are cutting back all the perennials for winter. It will take two more days to get the job done.

Tearing Down the Pea Vines

Time is of the essence to ready the yard for winter. Yesterday I tore down all the pea vines, there were still some good peas on them so Princess puppy and I munched raw peas while I worked. Princess is a vegetarian puppy, she loves raw carrots and peas.

Frost Kill

And, it begins….the first casualty of Fall, my Asiatic Lilies are toast.

Last Color Before the Frost

We had a light frost last night, but any time now we will be hit with the big freeze! The flower pot is still struggling to stay in bloom, we shall see how long this lasts.

Veges 2017

The garden has reached maturity, I’m picking Snap Peas and pulling Carrots almost daily. Some of the Potatoes are large enough to dig up, we had two last night and they are very tasty! The Squash is beginning to mature, and I’ve already harvested all the Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts. All in all the […]

Nasties and Petunias

This has been the perfect summer for growing flowers, just the right amount of rain and sunshine. My pots are all full and overflowing.

Hosta Blooms

The Hosta plants are full of blooms in the front yard Perennial garden.

Garden Path

The Paper Birch trees that I planted 10 years ago have grown tall and with selective pruning have created an archway over the garden path.

Vegetable Garden

Fortunately I picked most of my broccoli last week and froze it, because it has already gone to seed! The Sugar Snap Peas are so tasty that we pick them raw and snack on them in the garden. Miss Princess puppy loves Sugar Snaps. The carrot bed is densely planted and is yielding sweet tender […]

Potato Beds

The potato beds are yielding small new potatoes at the moment, I dug some yesterday and added them to the crock pot with ribs. They are sweet and tender.

Perennial Explosion, Petunia Pot

The Petunias are beginning to cascade down the sides of the pot. Our Asiatic Lilies are exploding in the Perennial Garden. The yard is alive in color at the moment.

First Produce From the Garden

The garden is growing beautifully and is so easy to care for with everything planted in raised beds and the new drip watering system on a timer installed. Now all I do is pick an occasional weed, this sure beats all the years that I cultivated the ground and had to stoop over to weed. […]

Weed Control Patrol

We are so thankful that our lawn maintenance crew, the Lawn Ranger, has people who just do weed control. The perfect combination of sun and rain has made this a gigantic weedy year in our yard. This worker is using a combination of weed whacker, physical pulling, and weed killer spray to get our yard […]

Potato Plants are Growing

Everything is growing fast in the yard right now, and growing the fastest are the WEEDS!!

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