Snow Mallard

The forecast was correct this time; snow early Sunday morning. All the ducks haven’t flown south yet and a few rested in the snow on our lawn.

Rising Mists

As the sun came up this morning a rising mist appeared over the lake. Every day is different.

Sunset Reflection

Sometimes nature just takes my breath away.

Morning Frost 28 Degrees

It was a bit nippy outside this morning and a heavy layer of frost coated everything. Midday warmed up to 32 degrees and sunshine. Winter is not far away.

Duck Poop Dock

Hey guys, weren’t you supposed to be flying south?

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

Good job Bob and Pat!

Cookie Bakers

Bob and caregiver Pat mixing up dough for peanut butter cookies. After the dough chills for three hours we will bake them, yum!

Pause on the Trip South

Every day a new group of ducks land in the cove and waddle their way up onto our lawn. They are drawn by the sunflower seeds that fall onto the lawn from the bird feeders. After feeding they go back down to the lake and continue flying south.

Fresh Snow at the Top

The clouds lifted this morning and revealed fresh snow on the distant peaks. Currently it is raining here. Lots of rain this fall.

Rain, rain, rain

It was 38 degrees this morning, the surrounding mountains are loaded with fresh snow, and we are inundated with rain! Blake Colton from Colton Underground Sprinklers stopped here this morning and restored power to the dock, somehow it got shut off when the sprinkler systems were being winterized. So, I think the yard is now […]

Ready for Winter

With the help of three wonderful women; Rachel, Patty, and JoAnn, I was able to finish getting the yard ready for winter. We cut back perennials, pulled weeds, and cleaned up. Yay, a big job done. Thank you my lovely women friends. The rain forecast for the whole week did not materialize, it was a […]

Rain Forecast for all Week

I’m glad we got the last of the garden harvested this morning just before the rain began, and it is coming down hard right now. The potatoes are drying on newspaper in the detached garage, the carrots are stored in buckets of sand and we are eating the few beets that are left. I froze […]

Fireweed Fall

The wildflower Fireweed, is beautiful throughout all of the seasons. The leaves have turned all shades of yellow, orange and red this fall, and adds rich color to the yard.

Rose Tree Of China in the Fall

One of the more spectacular fall colored plants in my yard is the Rose Tree of China. I planted several in the yard out by the lake and the colors this year are gorgeous!

From Green To Gold

The neighbors lot next to our fenced garden is filled with Paper Birch trees changing from green to gold. We needed a 7′ fence around the garden because moose love to hang out in the woods next door, and were feasting on our veges. Moose can jump a fence lower than 7′, this one has […]

Ducks All Gone!

Yesterday we had over 30 ducks along shore, today there are none. They rested and fed, then continued their flight south for the winter.

Cutting Back Perennials

Bob sat on his walker and helped me a bit yesterday, we are cutting back all the perennials for winter. It will take two more days to get the job done.

Tearing Down the Pea Vines

Time is of the essence to ready the yard for winter. Yesterday I tore down all the pea vines, there were still some good peas on them so Princess puppy and I munched raw peas while I worked. Princess is a vegetarian puppy, she loves raw carrots and peas.

The Leaves are Nearly Gone

The trees are almost bare thanks to a strong wind the last few days. That was a very quick autumn.

Leaf Puddle

The trees are nearly bare thanks to a strong wind the last few days.

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