40 ft. Christmas Tree

Our tree is visible all over the lake. So beautiful!

Christmas Day Stroll

The lake was busy Christmas day, people walking, skating, snow machines, ATV’s, dogs, ice fishing huts, and everything else. The day was sunny and not too cold. Christmas in Alaska, fun for all!

Birthday Cake

I had a lovely birthday, two cakes from family and friends (I froze one for later). I am blessed with love from family and friends.

Merry Christmas

The ice is thick enough to support a vehicle, an airplane took off and landed the lake is now a huge runway. People are riding snow machines and ATV’s and the winter fun has begun. Because caring for Bob is taking so much of my time, as well as working on a 32′ commission for […]

Tree Lights 2017

I see that the tree farthest away has a section of burned out lights. Gotta go shop for some new ones tomorrow.

Out Of Order

Time for a new washer. Bob’s caregiver is at the laundromat right now doing four loads of wash. Tomorrow Sears, here we come.

Deadly Black Ice

Time to wear ice cleats when walking on pavement.


The sun barely clears the horizon in Alaska at this time of year, it is getting ready to set at 2:30PM.


Cold wind, just cuts right through you. Brrr……

Melting Lake Ice

42 degrees and wind, the lake ice is melting. Strange weather for this time of year.

Duck Migration

The ducks are migrating south, they stop here for a little rest on the lawn, then take off all together and continue their journey.

Redington School Commission

The beginning of a 4 panel (32′) commission for the new Redington school under the Alaska Per Cent for Art in new schools program. Panels 2 & 3.

Ice Fishing Hut

It is cold and windy outside, but the ice fishermen are toasty warm inside the fishing hut with a heater and a T.V. so they won’t miss the game.

1939 Lionel 1666

Yesterday a very nice man came over and repaired our antique Lionel train. It was purchased for my husband during his first year of life. It runs perfectly again. We had to remove the switch tracks, they were shorting the track out. So now the train motors beautifully on the oval track. Thank you John!

Turkey Day

We will be eating within the hour. Looks and smells good!

Well sanded roads

The Borough has done a good job of sanding the roads, they were black ice before, then it snowed. I’m glad for the heavy layer of sand.

Wind Polished

Nineteen degrees and howling wind, very uncomfortable outside.


Rather foggy out there today.

Duck Tracks

Looks like there is still one duck in Alaska, I see the tracks where it landed and walked over to the bird feeder, ate sunflower seeds before walked away and flew off.

Bald Eagle

A week ago this huge Bald Eagle landed on a tree next to the frozen lake. The next day our neighbors reported that their cat was missing. You think???

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