Heavily Laden

Oh how beautiful, I just hope the wind stays away.  Wishful thinking though, we do live in a wind tunnel.

Still Snowing

We got snow and it is still coming down.  So far about 6″.

Warm October

No snow yet, very warm temperatures.  Unusual for late October in Alaska.

Two Snoozers

The wind is howling outside and there is white chop on the lake, meanwhile inside these two are snug as a bug in a rug.

After the Storm

Rainbow Double Rainbow!

October Sunset

This time of year in Alaska produces some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  This was just after a day of rain and the clouds began to clear.

Fall is in the Air

The beginning of crisp, clear days and fall colors.  I love this time of year.  It has stayed very warm, only one morning below freezing so far.  Otherwise the temperatures are in the 40’s in the morning and 60’s during the day.  An Indian Summer for sure!

Stormy Sky

The beautiful colors of Fall against a stormy sky.

Yellow and Green

I love the beauty of the changing seasons.

Path to the Chair

The colors are slowly changing and this is a perfect spot to sit to admire the beauty of the coming Fall.

Mini Blue Poppies

As I was cutting back the perennials for winter I discovered a mass of tiny Himalayan Blue Poppies growing underneath. It is going to freeze any night now, so these guys don’t have a chance.

Lettuce Towers

My lettuce is growing into towers, it still tastes good.

Garden Tomatoes

I also tried to grow tomatoes outdoors (I don’t have a green house). We have lots of these little babies, most are still green except for these.

Garden Corn

I tried corn this year, so far we have two small ones. I wonder how they will taste?

Freshly Mowed

I love the look and smell of freshly mowed grass.

Nasties and Geraniums

My nasturtiums still haven’t bloomed, frost is just around the corner. Don’t know why they haven’t bloomed?

And it begins…..

The trees are beginning to turn gold, where did summer go? Five days of rain in the forecast.


Yesterday I was pulling weeds and spraying weeds with Monsantos deadly Roundup, and today it is pouring rain. Rain in the forecast for the next five days. The wind is blowing up to 40 mph and rain is dumping. A good day for ducks.

Asiatic Lilies

The Asiatic Lilies are in full bloom right now in the perennial garden along the front porch. So beautiful!

Perennial Garden

Asiatic Lilies and Himalayan Blue Poppies in full bloom right now in the perennial garden along the front porch. The garden is alive in color!

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