Snowmachine Tracks

Last night someone enjoyed the deep snow that has drifted to our side of the lake.

Heavily Laden

I’m surprised these snow laden trees are still there, Normally the wind blows all the snow off. We’ve had a day or two to enjoy the beauty.

More Snow

Wow, it is getting deep out there! Most snow I’ve seen in years.

Snowing Again!

We just got all the snow cleared from the last big storm and it has started snowing again. Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow. The last two winters we’ve hardly had any, and it was not fun. But, maybe the snow falls could be spaced apart a bit, so we can enjoy the […]

Cleared Patio of Snow

A couple of very sweet Kincaid boys spent time yesterday shoveling the snow off the back patio. They even shoveled a path from the driveway to the back patio. Good job young men!

Moose Tracks in the Snow

Moose have been hanging out in my yard during the night, there are tracks all over the fresh fallen snow. The snow is getting deep, this is my chair out by the rose garden with moose tracks all around.

Curious Moose

While I was out shoveling the front walk, I looked up and there stood a very curious moose. This photo was taken with my little point and shoot, no zoom lens needed. After a moment or so he sauntered away to graze on willows in the woods.

Snow Piles

We are running out of room to store snow. These piles are at least 5′ high, maybe 6′.

Moose Beds

Looks like two moose bedded down in the front yard last night, they made tracks all over as they grazed on my rose plants and trees.

Minus 27 Degrees

It felt a bit nippy when I took Princess out this morning to do her business, and I was surprised when I read the thermometer that it was -27 degrees. The weather gauge shows snow in the forecast, but It won’t snow when it is this cold.

Time to Shovel the Walkways Again

As soon as this dump stops I’ll grab the shovel and clear the walks.

Overnight Snowfall

We woke to a white on white world, fresh powdery snow covered everything. Later today it will be time to grab the snow shovel and make some paths. Miss Princess was up to her belly in the white fluffy stuff when I took her out to go potty. I don’t know if the primary roads […]

Tracks On Ice

The lake was busy when it snowed, now that the wind has blown most of the snow away all that remains are the tracks of snow machines and cars on the ice.

Typical January Weather in Alaska

Brrr, it is getting colder. at 7:00AM it was zero.

Staggering Brilliant Sunset

Even as the wind howls, the sun sets behind the ridge and the skies turn multiple colors of red and orange.

Nasty Wind Storm

The wind has been howling all night and all day, with no signs of letting up. With temperatures hovering around 15-20 degrees, the wind makes it quite uncomfortable outside. The roar of the wind is loud. I’m waiting for the wind to cease and for a deep, fluffy snowfall.

Lots of Ice Fishing New Years Day 2017

New Years day 2017 lots of ice fishing going on!

Two Suns?

This was a strange phenomena, as the sun set New Years day it appeared as two suns once it was behind the trees. Took a photo to prove this.

Redington % For Art #1

I’m finally getting started on the commission for the new Redington Jr/Sr High School. This is the first of four 4’x8′ panels that will connect, creating a 4’x32′ long painting of Fireweed up-close. I can’t wait to get started, this will be a fun project to paint. I will post my progress from time to […]

A Nice Fresh Snow

Overnight we had a little snow. Very beautiful outside right now.

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