First Produce From the Garden

The garden is growing beautifully and is so easy to care for with everything planted in raised beds and the new drip watering system on a timer installed. Now all I do is pick an occasional weed, this sure beats all the years that I cultivated the ground and had to stoop over to weed. […]

Weed Control Patrol

We are so thankful that our lawn maintenance crew, the Lawn Ranger, has people who just do weed control. The perfect combination of sun and rain has made this a gigantic weedy year in our yard. This worker is using a combination of weed whacker, physical pulling, and weed killer spray to get our yard […]

Lawn Full of Clover

Help James! My lawn is full of clover.

Potato Plants are Growing

Everything is growing fast in the yard right now, and growing the fastest are the WEEDS!!

Flowers Blooming Everywhere in the Yard

The perennials are blooming beautifully, all that are left to break into flower are the Asiatic Lilies. Soon their riot of orange/red/yellow color will dominate the garden.

Summer Downpour

This morning was dark, rainy, and a place fit for ducks. The gutters were full, gushing rainwater through the downspouts. No need to water the garden today.

Hansa Rugosa

The roses are prolific, I have been dead-heading them every day.

Blue Poppies

The Blue Poppies in the perennial garden have reached their peak bloom.

We Make Salad From The Garden

Every evening at dinner time I go out into the garden and snip off just enough lettuce for our salad. It tastes so good fresh from the garden. I miss doing this during winter.

White Hansa Rugosa

The rose bushes are loaded with blooms, the yard is looking festive with all the color.

Strawberry Covers

The strawberry plants are blossoming, soon juicy red berries will appear and the Magpies that have been hovering will try to turn them into a feast. These covers help keep the Magpies out. Otherwise we will have to pick them everyday as they ripen.

Blue Poppies Bloom

The front Perennial garden has an explosion of Himalaya Blue Poppy blooms. Just gorgeous!

Out of Control Plant

I can’t whack this plant, Bishops Weed, back fast enough, it seems to grow overnight.

Blue Poppy Buds

These are the most beautiful flowers when blooming which likely will be soon.

Bush Pea Starts

The seeds have bloomed and the Bush Peas look like they will need thinning. I love picking peas from the vine and eating them right in the garden. Princess puppy loves the peas as well.

Rhubarb Seed

It seems early but the Rhubarb plants have already gone to seed.

Iris; Blue and White

The Iris are almost the first perennial to bloom in the garden. Here I show the purple/blue Iris and the rare white Iris.

Hearty Weeds

This is the time of the year when weeds flourish, they are even breaking through the asphalt on the driveway.

Garden Fully Planted!

Today I finally braved the cold weather and wind and finished the planting of the vegetable garden. I’m hoping the weather will warm up a bit soon, or the seeds may not germinate in enough time to produce. We have only a 90 day growing season, and this year we are pushing the limit.

Nasty Cow Parsnip Invasion

This Cow Parsnip will be a challenge to remove without hurting some of the Perennials in this garden. And this one is going to be a beast with all the thorny Rose bushes surrounding.

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