Snow Piles

We are running out of room to store snow. These piles are at least 5′ high, maybe 6′.

Moose Beds

Looks like two moose bedded down in the front yard last night, they made tracks all over as they grazed on my rose plants and trees.

Time to Shovel the Walkways Again

As soon as this dump stops I’ll grab the shovel and clear the walks.

Overnight Snowfall

We woke to a white on white world, fresh powdery snow covered everything. Later today it will be time to grab the snow shovel and make some paths. Miss Princess was up to her belly in the white fluffy stuff when I took her out to go potty. I don’t know if the primary roads […]

A Nice Fresh Snow

Overnight we had a little snow. Very beautiful outside right now.

Tree Lights Back On!

A big “Thank You” to our son-in-law for finding the electrical problem that shut down our tree lights, and fixing it. Our tree is lit again!

Lights Out

Where oh where did the lights go on my 60′ tall tree? Gage Tree Service is sending a crew over here to find out why the tree lights are out. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow.

Endless Job This Winter

We just get the patio cleared from snow and the wind blows it back on again. This has been an endless job this winter.

Moose Browse

My poor little Mountain Ash tree was mangled by a moose several years ago, it has barely recovered. Apparently there is a dead moose alongside the road killed by a collision with a car today. Moose can be a bit of a pain.

Street Sweeper Missed Our Cul-de-sac

I sent this photo the the Mat-Su Borough DOT, and I’m hoping they will send a man with a broom or send the street sweeper to clean up our cul-de-sac.

Dillon Clears Snow

Oh to be young again. Bob started clearing snow this morning and it was slow going. After about 20 minutes he was inside the house “resting”. I could see that this job was not going to get done today or even tomorrow. So I called our handy, dandy yard worker Dillon. He was just on […]

Did Not Cut Back Iris In Time

We had an early dump of snow and it came before I had finished trimming back the perennials. So, now I’ve got a mess of tangled, flattened iris. I suppose I can still go out if it warms up a bit, and finish the job. It might be a good idea, otherwise I’ll do it […]

Rain, Rain Go Away

Another day of rain and warm temperatures.

Ned Shovels Snow

We make our house guests work during their visit. Here, our friend from San Jose, California, Ned, is shoveling the new fallen snow. Good job Ned!

Leaning Tree

We’ve had some good howling winds the last few days and trees have been falling like leaves. We had Gage Tree Service come out to check on a tall dead Cottonwood on our neighbors property very near our house, with the prevailing wind should it fall, it could land on our house. Also, this 9 […]

Hard Frost this Morning

The temperature dropped to 24 degrees yesterday morning, giving us a hard frost. It was crunchy walking on the grass with Princess puppy.

October Full Moon

The stunning full moon.

Frost on the Roses

There was a good layer of frost on everything in the yard yesterday morning, although it warms up nicely during the daytime. Just a reminder that winter is on the way.

Marshmallow Fields

Hay rolls wrapped in white remind me of giant marshmallows.

Garden Harvested

Got the garden harvested, lots of veges stored in the freezer, carrots go into buckets of sand in the garage, and potatoes stored in banana boxes in the garage. The potatoes are really yummy.

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