Blue Poppy Buds

These are the most beautiful flowers when blooming which likely will be soon.

Bush Pea Starts

The seeds have bloomed and the Bush Peas look like they will need thinning. I love picking peas from the vine and eating them right in the garden. Princess puppy loves the peas as well.

Rhubarb Seed

It seems early but the Rhubarb plants have already gone to seed.

Iris; Blue and White

The Iris are almost the first perennial to bloom in the garden. Here I show the purple/blue Iris and the rare white Iris.

Hearty Weeds

This is the time of the year when weeds flourish, they are even breaking through the asphalt on the driveway.

Garden Fully Planted!

Today I finally braved the cold weather and wind and finished the planting of the vegetable garden. I’m hoping the weather will warm up a bit soon, or the seeds may not germinate in enough time to produce. We have only a 90 day growing season, and this year we are pushing the limit.

Nasty Cow Parsnip Invasion

This Cow Parsnip will be a challenge to remove without hurting some of the Perennials in this garden. And this one is going to be a beast with all the thorny Rose bushes surrounding.

Vegetable Garden Seeds Planted

Small mounds where potato starts are planted. I will add soil and build the mounds larger as the plants grow. I have several beds of snap peas, these are Sugar Snaps. Three of the fourteen raised beds are not planted yet. My neighbor is hardening off cauliflower, broccoli, and lettuce for me. She also came […]

Paper Birch

The gorgeous Paper Birch trees grow in abundance in our yard. I’ve left several areas to grow natural with the Birch and White Spruce trees. Other parts of the yard are carefully planned and planted. I love the contrasts.

Time to Clean Perennials

Between time spent helping Bob who fell and broke a rib and working in the studio I need to find a few hours to go out and clean up this perennial garden along the side of the house. I look forward to the time spent working in my yard.

Snow Piles Melting Fast

With daytime temperatures approaching 50 degrees the snow piles are shrinking quickly. Spring is here!

Snow Again

I just got all the walkways and patio cleared and it snowed again last night. I think I will just wait till it warms up and melts, that could happen any day now.

Cleared the Front Walk Again!

It seems like I have had to shovel the front walk almost every day lately. We seem to get a few inches of snow overnight regularly. This fresh snow will hasten the thaw, it is much warmer than the ground. Some days the fresh snow will be totally melted by midday.

Turning Green??

I noticed a slight tint of green beginning to show on the iris plants this morning. A sure sign that Spring is on the way!

Drifting Snow on the Patio

The wind has drifted the snow up against the house making access to the BBQ difficult. I guess tomorrow I will get the shovel and dig it out. I thought we had lost the BBQ cover, but now I see a corner of it buried in a drift.

Drifting Snow on the Patio

The drifts are getting deep, it will be a chore to get to the BBQ. I thought the BBQ cover had blown away, but I found it under a big drift of snow. I need to get the shovel out and get busy.

Blowing Cold

It is hard to see in this photo but the wind is blowing snow across the lake. It is 13 degrees with strong wind. Time to stay indoors.

Snow Chair

Yesterday my chair looked like this. Today the wind is blowing hard, I’m sure the chair will be clear of snow when the wind quits.

Growing Piles of Snow

The snow piles are over six feet tall and growing. My sweet neighbor is building these piles for me and keeping the driveway clear. Thank you Dennis!

Bird Tracks

There were some busy birds on the patio yesterday.

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