Snowmachine Tracks

Last night someone enjoyed the deep snow that has drifted to our side of the lake.

Tracks On Ice

The lake was busy when it snowed, now that the wind has blown most of the snow away all that remains are the tracks of snow machines and cars on the ice.

Staggering Brilliant Sunset

Even as the wind howls, the sun sets behind the ridge and the skies turn multiple colors of red and orange.

Nasty Wind Storm

The wind has been howling all night and all day, with no signs of letting up. With temperatures hovering around 15-20 degrees, the wind makes it quite uncomfortable outside. The roar of the wind is loud. I’m waiting for the wind to cease and for a deep, fluffy snowfall.

Lots of Ice Fishing New Years Day 2017

New Years day 2017 lots of ice fishing going on!

Good Ice Fishing!

Big Ice Fishing Day

Big Ice Fishing Day

Today the weather warmed and people swarmed the lake in their vehicles, with fishing huts, ice drills, and fished all day long.

Fireworks Across The Lake

Last night our neighbors had quite a party with fireworks, and we had a ring-side seat viewing them from the warm comfort of our home.

Clear and C-C-Cold

The wind is blowing, even though the sun is out it is very cold, very cold. When taking Princess out I duck behind the fence or trees to block the wind. The ice fishermen are using the island to block the wind, smart!

Sunset on Ice

Another stunning sunset around 3:30PM.

Tree Across The Lake

Now there are two giant decorated Christmas Trees on the lake, ours and this one across the lake from us. Such a pretty sight.

Ice Fishing

Last evening the weather was warm making it nice to fish without a fishing hut, this morning it was 20 degrees and the fishing hut appeared.

Morning Frost

Mornings have been just a little below freezing, with everything covered with frost. By noon, with the sun shining, the frost is gone and the lawn is still slightly green. Wind has raised its ugly head, even though it is relatively warm out, the wind cuts right through and brings on a chill.

Snowing Again

A fluffy light snow came down all day, with little accumulation so far.

Melting Ice

This morning the temperature was 40 degrees, the lake ice is covered in water.

Thin Ice

The lake surface has only been frozen for five days, and yesterday the temperatures rose into the 40’s. I’m thinking the ice is really to thin to have people walking on it. Crazy!!

Duck Trails

The migrating ducks stop along our shore on the ice to feed, leaving trails on the surface.

Lake Ice

The weather turned cold and ice is forming on the surface of our lake.

White Caps and Dust

Nasty wind blew all night and on into today. Dust and smoke in the air. My heart goes out to the firefighters battling the blaze near Sutton, Alaska. The wooden Niebrugge Studio sign on the front porch has been banging against the wall. Not fun to take puppy Princess for potty walks.

Flat Calm Day in October

It has been a beautiful, warm, October. Gorgeous!

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