And it Begins!

Ice is forming along the edges of the lake in our cove. Soon it will cover the lake, and before long it will be thick enough to support the weight of a vehicle. Winter is on the way!

Over 60 Ducks in the Cove!

This morning I was surprised to see more than 60 ducks swimming in our cove, some came up onto the lawn but most stayed in the water feeding and preening. By noon they were all gone! I think we are being considered as a “hot spot” for the duck migration. I stopped putting out cracked […]

More Fog

What can I say? Fog, fog, and more fog.

Heavy Fog

Can’t see a thing, a good day to not go out driving.

Ducks Gone

Most of the ducks are gone, we have just one family of 10 that still visit every morning and evening. They’d better get headed south, it’s going to get cold very soon!

Lawn Ducks

This is ridiculous, time to fly south! Get going, it was 38 degrees this morning!

Walking on Thin Ice

Thin ice is beginning to form along the edges of the lake and the Mallards are using it to rest out of the water.

Trumpeter Swan Migration

This morning these two adult Trumpeters with a signet swam into our cove resting and feeding. The opportunistic Mallard ducks stay very near to feed on scraps that float to the surface.

Rising Mists

As the sun came up this morning a rising mist appeared over the lake. Every day is different.

Sunset Reflection

Sometimes nature just takes my breath away.

Duck Poop Dock

Hey guys, weren’t you supposed to be flying south?

Pause on the Trip South

Every day a new group of ducks land in the cove and waddle their way up onto our lawn. They are drawn by the sunflower seeds that fall onto the lawn from the bird feeders. After feeding they go back down to the lake and continue flying south.

Ducks All Gone!

Yesterday we had over 30 ducks along shore, today there are none. They rested and fed, then continued their flight south for the winter.

Fall Sunset

Last evening the view from our back yard. Gorgeous!

Beautiful Fall Day

What a stunning Fall day, the lake is flat calm and the sun is shining.

Loud Air Boat

Even though air boats are banned on our lake, someone still manages to roar around on one. They are so loud and leave a huge wake disturbing nesting ducks. Why do some people think rules don’t apply to them? We were glad when they finally took this nuisance off our lake.

Retrieving the Kayak

We’ve had some pretty strong winds lately, my lawn is littered with broken tree branches and leaves. Checking out the window on the lake side of the house I was stunned to see only one kayak on the dock. We store two there. Grabbing the binoculars I scanned the opposite shore and sure enough I […]

Six Visitors

We are down to six visitors now, after a whopping total of 32 a few days ago. They have pretty much eaten up all the corn that was spread on the lawn, now they are after the sunflower seeds that have fallen from the bird feeder. I’ve got to have a talk with Bobs caregiver […]

Duck Invasion

While I was away traveling in Seward Bobs caregiver decided to feed the ducks. There were over 32 ducks on the lawn when I returned and they have taken over the dock. I have a note on the bucket of cracked corn now saying “Please Do Not Feed the Ducks”. Lots of poop everywhere.

Common Loon

Last night as I gazed out the window before going to bed I spotted this beautiful Loon quietly swimming and feeding in our cove. These are such majestic birds, I love watching them.

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