Barrows Golden Eye Pair Visit

A beautiful pair of Barrows Golden Eye stopped for a rest yesterday, then continued onto their nesting grounds after feeding. This was taken from inside the house, if I tried to get closer outdoors they would have flown away.

Ice Shards

This is truly break-up, the surface ice splintering into sharp shards. It will be all melted by tomorrow.

Slow Down, Idiot!

The rules of our lake include a no wake zone 100′ from shore. This idiot is not only creating a wake, but driving through a critical nesting area. I normally put out a floating sign designating the nesting area and to “keep out”, but the ice only went out yesterday. I’ve got to get the […]

Ice Melting Fast

Open water along shore is making the Mallards happy. I’m thinking by the first of next week the lake ice will all be gone.

Nasty Bonapartes are Back

I’m not looking forward to the Bonaparte Gulls building a nest in the big spruce tree down by the dock. I try to discourage nest building there. Once eggs are layed, the gulls will dive bomb anyone coming near the tree. I wear a hard-hat and carry a push broom overhead for protection. Go somewhere […]

Mallard Pair

This female Mallard has a next down by the water in the weeds, the male stands guard from the vantage point of our lawn. It is unusual to see her off the nest. Such a handsome pair!

Lake Weeds

Wow, the water in the lake is really low! This is the first time I’ve seen the weeds that are usually under water, sticking out on top.

First Mallards

A male and a female Mallard arrived and have begun to build a nest in the woods next to the house. I can’t wait to see the baby chicks.

Unsafe Ice

Don’t walk on thin ice! There are warm water springs out there making some ice much thinner than others. If someone is foolish enough to tread on thin ice, good luck to you for the rescue. Someone would have to launch a boat and drag it over the ice and water. By that time you […]

Spring Break-up Begins

I would not recommend driving on the lake again until next winter once it freezes 3′ deep. I did see some ice fishermen out there this morning with their tent, but it looks like they walked. Smart! Depending on the weather and wind, we could be ice-free within several weeks. Yay!!

Blowing Cold

It is hard to see in this photo but the wind is blowing snow across the lake. It is 13 degrees with strong wind. Time to stay indoors.

Golf Tournament

Hurricanes in California, meanwhile in Alaska the Lions Club is sponsoring a golf tournament on our lake. Beautiful sunny day.

Fishing Derby

Last weekend was the annual Ice Fishing Derby on our lake. Busy times.

Snowmachine Tracks

Last night someone enjoyed the deep snow that has drifted to our side of the lake.

Tracks On Ice

The lake was busy when it snowed, now that the wind has blown most of the snow away all that remains are the tracks of snow machines and cars on the ice.

Staggering Brilliant Sunset

Even as the wind howls, the sun sets behind the ridge and the skies turn multiple colors of red and orange.

Nasty Wind Storm

The wind has been howling all night and all day, with no signs of letting up. With temperatures hovering around 15-20 degrees, the wind makes it quite uncomfortable outside. The roar of the wind is loud. I’m waiting for the wind to cease and for a deep, fluffy snowfall.

Lots of Ice Fishing New Years Day 2017

New Years day 2017 lots of ice fishing going on!

Good Ice Fishing!

Big Ice Fishing Day

Big Ice Fishing Day

Today the weather warmed and people swarmed the lake in their vehicles, with fishing huts, ice drills, and fished all day long.

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