Lake Ice

The weather turned cold and ice is forming on the surface of our lake.

White Caps and Dust

Nasty wind blew all night and on into today. Dust and smoke in the air. My heart goes out to the firefighters battling the blaze near Sutton, Alaska. The wooden Niebrugge Studio sign on the front porch has been banging against the wall. Not fun to take puppy Princess for potty walks.

Flat Calm Day in October

It has been a beautiful, warm, October. Gorgeous!

Tundra Swan Family Visited this Morning

No matter how many times I’ve seen Tundra Swans they are always exciting to watch. This family of eight spent time in our cove feeding this morning.


We put the kayaks into storage for the winter last week, but the weather warmed up so we drug them back out onto the dock and took a lovely paddle around the lake last night.

Perfect Evening

It was a perfect evening to take the kayak out onto the lake for a paddle around the island and back. Flat calm, clear, and not cold. Princess puppy and I enjoyed our float time. As soon as we returned to the dock, the sun set.

Fall Sunset

The sunsets at this time of year are long and beautiful.

Loud Air Boat

Our normally quiet lake, home to canoes, fishermen, and waterfowl, was accosted yesterday by the presence of a noisy, loud, air boat. It ran around for about an hour before going back to whence it came. Each time it went by the house conversations had to cease, we couldn’t hear each other talk over the […]

Foggy Noon

Cool and foggy out today. The tracks on the lawn were made by ducks, they come up to the patio every morning seeking food.

Labor Day Rain

A gray and wet day, and not one that would entice a visit the State Fair. Maybe it will clear up a bit this afternoon.


No activity on the lake today, the wind is blowing and the water is very choppy. This is the third day in a row for strong wind.


Last evening my phone rang, it was my neighbor telling me to come to her back yard and see the rainbow. Actually it was a double rainbow, and it was gorgeous. All the neighbors were out with their cameras enjoying the light show in the sky. I would have missed it without my neighbors call, […]

Three Gorgeous Loons

I took this photo from the upstairs inside the house, I wish I had time to go to the end of the dock to take a picture. These three Common Loons graced our cove for only a short time before swimming to other parts of the lake. I love the call of the Loons.

Rain, Rain, Rain

Wow, several days of rain, rain, rain. Everything is getting soggy, including myself.

Egg Gone

Here yesterday gone today. The nest is partially sunk, and I bet an Eagle got the egg. It was too late in the year for it to hatch anyway.

An Egg in August?

Oh my, one of the Rednecked Grebes has laid an egg. Not much chance for this one to hatch. She must know this otherwise she would be sitting on the nest.

Feeding Baby Grebes

The Red Necked Grebes are very good parents and work together to feed the babies. The size of a golf ball, the babies are very good swimmers.

Duck Log

A few years ago during a visit from our son, Ron Niebrugge, he decided to drag some dead logs into the shallow water along the edge of the lake to provide a place for the ducks to roost and preen. It has proven to be a favorite place for the ducks, and is very close […]

Red Necked Grebe Babies

It is so much fun to sit at the end of the dock and watch the Grebes care for their newborns. Two more nests should be hatching soon, one is right at the base of the dock!

Rainy Summer

Another day of soaking rain, no need to water the garden or the lawns. The trees and plants are thriving, the weather is comfortable if you don’t mind being wet. Time to put on my rain coat and take the Princess for a walk. She will need the hair dryer when we return.

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