Underpainting Big Birds

After lightly pencil sketching details onto the big birds I coated each panel with a transparent acrylic bonding agent.  After it dried I begin to loosely paint a neutral acrylic value to establish the patterns of light and dark on each bird.  Yesterday I finished five birds, today I will finish the last two and […]

Birds are Ready to Paint

Picked up my big birds from the fabricator yesterday, one of them needs to be re-cut, the size is wrong.  But, other than that they are ready for sanding and cleaning and an application of the bonding agent that I use for acrylic paint.  We head out on vacation in the morning for two weeks, […]

Finished Commission Painting “Mystrom Family Boathouse”

“Mystrom Family Boathouse” acrylic on canvas 14″ x 18″ by artist Gail Niebrugge ©2011. A finished painting, ready for professional digital photography.  Clients and artist all satisfied. Gail Niebrugge, landscape illustrator

Third Phase of Mystrom Boathouse Commission

I’m abandoning pointillism to paint detail due to the size of the canvas.  If this were a big 3′ x 4′ piece it would be possible to paint the whole surface with dots, but this canvas is 14″ x 18″ and requires multiple techniques.  Detail work at this phase included squaring up windows and posts, […]

Second Phase of Mystrom Boathouse Commission

At this phase I spent time developing a dark background to contrast the light-colored sunlit siding of the boat house.  Layering dots of  acrylic paint creates a tactile texture, I think that is one reason I like to use pointillism.  Notice I’m only painting large blocks of color, anything with detail is left out.  Detail […]

Beginning Mystrom Boathouse Commission

It is always difficult to sort out the composition when beginning a painting with dots, it is much easier to lay down a thin, transparent wash to block in elements of the design.  But, for some reason I started this painting with dots knowing full well that when it came to painting the tiny figures […]

Sketches for a Commissioned Painting

Working with a client to create a painting on commission is a rewarding process.  Nothing satisfies me more as an artist than to be able to understand and interpret a clients wishes and produce an artwork that meets expectations.  This little gem is a good example.  My client wanted a painting of a newly built […]

Art Installation at the Courthouse Complete!

Here I am carrying one of the big bird paintings up the Palmer courthouse steps ready to be installed. Our trusty helpers, Seth Blanchard and Shane McGraw from Sign Co, Anchorage, installing the last two Sandhill crane paintings in the lobby. Seth and I checking out the view from the scissors lift.  What are all […]

Seward Mural

“Wildflowers” 8′ x 32′ mural from the “Mural-in-a-Day” project, Seward, Alaska. After more than a year of waiting, my mural “Wildflowers” was  installed on September 14, 2007 in Kawabe Park, downtown Seward,  Alaska.  It looks fantastic and was well worth the wait!  Seward is working hard to become known as the Mural Capitol of Alaska.  […]

“Seven Sandhills Soaring” commissioned artwork

Here are photos of the seven individual pieces of art to be installed today in the lobby and right hallway of the Palmer Courthouse.  The title of the entire work is “Seven Sandhills Soaring”. Crane #4b, 33″x 48″ ©Gail Niebrugge Crane #5b, 46″ x 51″ ©Gail Niebrugge Crane #11c, 32″ x 43″ ©Gail Niebrugge Crane […]

Palmer Courthouse Art Commission Installation

The painters arrived today at the Palmer Courthouse, ready to paint the upper walls in preparation for installation of my artwork on Thursday, November 11, Veterans Day, while the building is closed.  This scissor lift will be used to access the high walls to paint and for the installation.  I am anxious to get the […]

Months of Painting Dots Nearly Done

I’ve been working on the commission for the Palmer Courthouse since late June, the seven odd shaped panels propped helter skelter against the walls of my studio have become a part of me.  I’ve finally started to pull the dots together with some detail and the compositions are becoming three dimensional.  The devil is in […]

The Layering of Dots Continues…

The Palmer Courthouse commission consists of seven irregularly shaped panels, all quite large, and is requiring many, many, hours layering dots.  I’ve begun the second layer on all seven panels and will not begin the final details until all panels are at the same level of completion. The panels are taking on a very dark […]

The First Layer of Dots in Pointillism Painting

These thumbnail details show how beautiful and varied in color the first layer of dots are as I apply them over the loose brush stroke under painting on the seven panels for the Palmer Courthouse Entry. The key to my style of representational realism is choosing the correct values for the dots, any color can […]

Binding Acrylic Paint to Sintra

During the last several months I’ve been designing, fabricating and painting seven panels for the Palmer Courthouse Entry % for Art commission, it is a big project by my standards and will require tens of thousands of dots of acrylic paint when finished.  The project is being painted on one of my favorite surfaces, Sintra, […]

“Ultima Thule Experience” Original Painting SOLD

Original painting by artist Gail Niebrugge “Ultima Thule Experience” original painting Acrylic on rag board 13″ x 31.5″ matted and framed under glass SOLD. Many years ago Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge became friends with a young couple, Paul & Donna Claus, who operate an adventure guide service and lodge, Ultima Thule Outfitters, in a very […]

Commission for the Gakona School

“Gakona School” 36″ x 48″ original acrylic painting by Gail Niebrugge, commissioned by the Alaska Per Cent for Art program for the new Gakona Elementary school in the Copper River School District. This tiny K-6 elementary school is located in a scenic valley along the Copper River, in the Wrangell-St. Elias, Alaska. The faculty wanted […]

Commission for Elmendorf AFB Medical Center

“Saving Lives in the Wilderness” 24″ x 36″ original acrylic painting by Gail Niebrugge.  Alaska Per Cent for Art program commission for the Command Center of Elmendorf Air Force Base Medical Center, Alaska. This commission was a challenge. My first thoughts were to paint a familiar landscape capturing the beauty of Alaska, but the art […]

Commission for MV Kennicott

“The Kennicotts; Copper and Ice” 15″ x 28″ original acrylic painting by Gail Niebrugge commissioned for the Alaska State Ferry M/V Kennicott by Susan Knowles for the Governors Gift. The wife of Alaska Governor Tony Knowles, Susan, commissioned a painting to become part of the permanent collection of the new state ferry that was named […]

Coffee from Snow Original Painting SOLD

Original painting by artist Gail Niebrugge “Making Coffee” original painting Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″ SOLD Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge living and painting in the Wrangell-St. Elias, Alaska. One cold winter day a well-known pilot and hunting guide commissioned a painting of “Moose Camp”, a cabin located in a remote area of the Wrangell […]

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