Two Swans

The other day I looked out the window at the lake and saw these two beautiful swans swimming in our cove. They stayed awhile, fed and rested, then took off for the breeding grounds a bit further north.

Cinnamon Teal?

This beautiful cinnamon colored duck swam by yesterday with a brood of ten babies! I looked her up in the Sibleys Guide to Northwestern Birds and she seems to fit the description of a Cinnamon Teal. Thoughts anyone?

Curious Common Loons

All morning these loons circled the nesting Rednecked Grebe. I wondered if they were going to try to oust her from the nest and eat the eggs. But, as of tonight, they are gone and the Grebe is still sitting on the nest.

Duck at Brunch

Nesting Sign Sinking

Ooops! The Rednecked Grebes have built a nest on the support braces of our Bird Nesting sign, and it is ready to sink. In this photo I can see one egg, but I’m sure there are several more. The Grebes won’t let us get near the nest to make repairs, so what will be, will […]

First Robin of the Season

After a nice soaking rain the worms crawled out onto the grass and the Robins were there to greet them. It is nice to see the Robins return.

Immature Bald Eagle Eying Potential Lunch

This juvenile Bald Eagle hung around watching the lake and then eying Princess. We took Princess inside for safety. Her outdoor kennel has a wire mesh roof for just this very situation.

Nesting Area Do Not Disturb

I hired a helper for the yard and one of his jobs was to put the floating sign out at the edge of our cove. It was produced by Alaska Fish and Game and warns that this is a nesting area and do not disturb. It works very well, the boats stay away and we […]

Mallards and Wigeons

Springtime is when the migrating birds and ducks come back to Alaska to nest, and they often pause on our lake or lawn to feed and rest during the long flight. Yesterday we had our resident pair of Mallard ducks and a visiting pair of American Wigeons.

Barrows Golden Eye Pair Visit

A beautiful pair of Barrows Golden Eye stopped for a rest yesterday, then continued onto their nesting grounds after feeding. This was taken from inside the house, if I tried to get closer outdoors they would have flown away.

Nasty Bonapartes are Back

I’m not looking forward to the Bonaparte Gulls building a nest in the big spruce tree down by the dock. I try to discourage nest building there. Once eggs are layed, the gulls will dive bomb anyone coming near the tree. I wear a hard-hat and carry a push broom overhead for protection. Go somewhere […]

Mallard Pair

This female Mallard has a next down by the water in the weeds, the male stands guard from the vantage point of our lawn. It is unusual to see her off the nest. Such a handsome pair!

First Mallards

A male and a female Mallard arrived and have begun to build a nest in the woods next to the house. I can’t wait to see the baby chicks.

Magpie Nest

Magpie freshening the old nest from last year. It is getting to be that time of year when eggs are laid and soon chicks are born. Spring!

Pair of Mallards Arrived

I didn’t get a photo, the Mallard pair were only here for a few minutes, but this is the earlies I’ve seen them in the yard. The wind continues to howl, melting mountains of snow. There are some patches of grass showing on the lawn by the lake. I sprinkled cracked corn on the lawn, […]

Birds Swarm the Berries

In the morning a dozen birds swarmed our Mountain Ash tree, they were devouring the red berries. Soon they were satiated and flew off to distant trees to roost. Fun to watch.

Duck Trails

The migrating ducks stop along our shore on the ice to feed, leaving trails on the surface.

Tundra Swan Family Visited this Morning

No matter how many times I’ve seen Tundra Swans they are always exciting to watch. This family of eight spent time in our cove feeding this morning.

Three Gorgeous Loons

I took this photo from the upstairs inside the house, I wish I had time to go to the end of the dock to take a picture. These three Common Loons graced our cove for only a short time before swimming to other parts of the lake. I love the call of the Loons.

An Egg in August?

Oh my, one of the Rednecked Grebes has laid an egg. Not much chance for this one to hatch. She must know this otherwise she would be sitting on the nest.

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