Bird Nesting Area

Every Spring we put out our floating sign warning that our cove is a bird nesting area, do not disturb. It works very well, people in boats respect the nesting areas at the lake. Several ducks have started nests in the weeds along shore, but the funniest part is that two Red Necked Grebes are […]

Duck Convention

More and more each day, the ducks are migrating north for the summer and stop on our lawn for a short respite.

Northern Pintail Visited This Morning

These beautiful ducks paid a brief visit on the back lawn this morning. Bob and his caregiver, Rachel, said they saw a Green-Winged Teal yesterday. Sorry I missed seeing it.

January Mallards

A few days ago I emptied the contents of a cereal box onto the lawn, it was old and I figured the birds and ducks might like it. Sure enough the birds and ducks devoured the cereal. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a few ducks flying and were primed for a landing on my lawn. Before […]

Feeding Ducks

Every day this group of ducks show up on the lakeside lawn and scratch about for food. Late yesterday I tossed some old cereal on the lawn to give the ducks more feed. This morning there wasn’t a speck of cereal left. There must have been quite an interesting confab of ducks eating out on […]

Ice Forming Along Lake Edges

Slushy ice in the cove keeps the ducks at bay. They will probably fly south today, they can’t forage for food in the shallows anymore.

House Of Flowers

This little gem is adorned with flowers on all sides.

Red Houses

This tree is adorned with two red bird houses.

Two Story House

Here is a double decker bird house.

Trumpeter Swan Migration

The phone started ringing yesterday morning right at daylight which is about 9:30AM. “There are about 75 Trumpeter Swans on the lake in front of the house, come over and see them” my neighbor said excitedly. Then another call, the same message different neighbor. I donned my jacket over my jammies, grabbed the camera and […]

Two House Tree

This tree overlooks the lake and has a great view for its two houses.

Grebe in Winter Plumage

We are getting different ducks on the lake every day during the migration south, some I recognize quickly others I have to look up in the Sibleys Guide to Birds. This duck matches closely to a Common Merganser but later I learned it was a Red Necked Grebe in winter plumage. We’ve had King Eiders, […]

Helicopter House

The lot next door is home to many houses (bird houses). This one has a tiny toy helicopter parked in front.

Heart House

This little house looks like it was well used last summer.

Ye Olde Mill House

It is so much fun to discover all these adorable bird houses now that all the leaves are gone.

Another Nest

I’m amazed at how many birds nests are in the woods along my daily walk.

Nest Of Leaves

This bird nest is filled with fallen leaves. It was virtually invisible during the summer when the trees are full of foliage.

Birds Nest Tree

I took this picture because the tree trunks were so unusual, after I downloaded the photo into the computer and started enhancing it in Photoshop I noticed the tiny birds nest built along the horizontal part of the trunk, nestled up against the tree trunk that is leaning on the horizontal tree. Can you find […]

Ruffed Grouse

Along my daily walk I spotted this beautiful Ruffed Grouse strutting across my lawn. I followed him across the road and watched him disappear completely in the woods across the street. This bird was so beautifully camouflaged that it was impossible to find when in the woods.

Magnificent Swans

The magnificent swans with equally majestic mountains in the background.

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