Snow Birds

The other day during the snow storm a flock of tiny birds swarmed my trees.

Ring Neck Pheasant Visitor

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of an unusual bird walking in the woods alongside our front lawn. I grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots before the Pheasant disappeared into the brush. I wonder if he is domestic, pheasants are not normally seen in this part of Alaska.

Duck Migration

The ducks are migrating south, they stop here for a little rest on the lawn, then take off all together and continue their journey.

Turkey Day

We will be eating within the hour. Looks and smells good!

Duck Tracks

Looks like there is still one duck in Alaska, I see the tracks where it landed and walked over to the bird feeder, ate sunflower seeds before walked away and flew off.

Bald Eagle

A week ago this huge Bald Eagle landed on a tree next to the frozen lake. The next day our neighbors reported that their cat was missing. You think???

Bald Eagle

Yesterday there were no ducks along shore, and that seemed a bit strange. Maybe they all flew south at once. Then I spotted the reason, a Bald Eagle was sitting in a tree posted like a sentry watching for something to eat. Smart ducks!

Over 60 Ducks in the Cove!

This morning I was surprised to see more than 60 ducks swimming in our cove, some came up onto the lawn but most stayed in the water feeding and preening. By noon they were all gone! I think we are being considered as a “hot spot” for the duck migration. I stopped putting out cracked […]

Ducks Gone

Most of the ducks are gone, we have just one family of 10 that still visit every morning and evening. They’d better get headed south, it’s going to get cold very soon!

Lawn Ducks

This is ridiculous, time to fly south! Get going, it was 38 degrees this morning!

Walking on Thin Ice

Thin ice is beginning to form along the edges of the lake and the Mallards are using it to rest out of the water.

Trumpeter Swan Migration

This morning these two adult Trumpeters with a signet swam into our cove resting and feeding. The opportunistic Mallard ducks stay very near to feed on scraps that float to the surface.

Snow Mallard

The forecast was correct this time; snow early Sunday morning. All the ducks haven’t flown south yet and a few rested in the snow on our lawn.

Duck Poop Dock

Hey guys, weren’t you supposed to be flying south?

Pause on the Trip South

Every day a new group of ducks land in the cove and waddle their way up onto our lawn. They are drawn by the sunflower seeds that fall onto the lawn from the bird feeders. After feeding they go back down to the lake and continue flying south.

Ducks All Gone!

Yesterday we had over 30 ducks along shore, today there are none. They rested and fed, then continued their flight south for the winter.

Common Loon

Last night as I gazed out the window before going to bed I spotted this beautiful Loon quietly swimming and feeding in our cove. These are such majestic birds, I love watching them.

Two Big Duck Families

Lots of ducks on the lake right now. The babies are almost as large as their parents.

Mamma With Seven

There are about three or four families of ducks that frequent our yard now. Some of the babies have grown quite large, this is a new hatch.

Baby Mallards

This mamma Mallard has quite a brood to care for.

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