Niebrugge Studio Christmas Decorating 2013

It is so much fun to take out the Christmas ornaments each year, they bring back so many memories.  This little jewel is 50 years old, I made it myself with a styrofoam ball sequins, beads, straight pins, scraps of velvet ribbon and broken jewelry, there are about six or seven of these oldies remaining.  […]

December Fog at Niebrugge Studio

Today the studio is engulfed in fog, a thick, damp, sound muffling mist that obscures the view.  I do not think it will burn off, the day doesn’t have that kind of feel to it.  With temperatures just a tad above freezing and no wind, the fog blanket appears to be settled in for a […]

Authentic Frosted Glass

The view from my studio window during the ice storm Friday morning.  Freezing rain coated the glass, a most dreaded Alaska weather condition.  I imagine the news will be full of accidents on the ice slick highway, and side roads.  Our driveway is a virtual ice rink at the moment.  Another day to heat more […]

Morning Sunrise from the Art Studio

Wow!  As I opened the blinds in the painting studio on the second floor this morning I was greeted with this brilliant pink/orange/yellow sky.  Winter in Alaska can bring amazing sunrises and sunsets as well as glorious Aurora Borealis light shows.  Something always different and beautiful.

I’d Rather Switch Than Fight

After many, many years using Dish Network we are changing to Direct TV.  Why?  Dish gives us terrible service.  This last outage happened during the World Series and we were not scheduled for a service call until November 10.  Got the date moved up to November 7, still over a two week wait, and we […]

Artist Garden Jungle Needs Tending

Wow, while I’ve been away doing our booth at the Alaska State Fair, the garden has grown so big it has turned into a jungle.  The last two weeks of rain have pulled the pea vines from the trellis, and knocked down the fugitive sunflowers that sprouted in the cabbage bed.  Over all the garden […]

A Gorgeous Summer at Artist Studio Lakeside

This has been a summer to remember, over two months of 70° weather stimulated a bumper crop of Fireweed, huge garden vegetables, lush flowering perennials, and daily fun on the lake.  This is a rare moment of total quiet during late evening around 10:00PM.  Our lake is blessed with quiet hours from 11:00PM until 8:00AM.  […]

Artist Niebrugge Featured in TV Commercial

Last week the film crew of Jerry LaVine at Connections Film & Video with Tony Sheppard and staff of Walsh/Sheppard Communications spent 3 hours at the studio of Gail Niebrugge filming a commercial for MTA, the local telephone coop.  Afterward Gail asked how long her film clip would run,  she was amazed that only 3-4 […]

Which Brand of Artist Acrylic Paint to Use?

I have used 16 oz. jars of Utrecht acrylic paint for more than 30 years, and never considered changing brands because I’ve been satisfied by the paint, it was manufactured in the USA, and I’ve had good customer service from this American owned company.  The only exception in my loyalty to that brand is that […]

Winter Playground Outside Alaska Artists Studio

The view from the studio of Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge is constantly changing, mild January temperatures have turned the frozen lake into an active playground.  Between compiling year end taxes, inventory, and other mundane office work at the studio, Gail takes a break to enjoy watching the variety of activities outdoors.  Lengthening daylight and sunshine […]

Artist Photo Reference Files

Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge Reference File For more than 40 years Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge has been gathering photos for her reference files for use in paintings that now fill several file cabinets.  With the advent of the digital photo, Niebrugge stores her newest reference material on a computer with a back up hard drive.  […]

Old Art Tools Are Like Gold

Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge pondered a recent acquisition of a very large canvas, 48″ x 72″, knowing that her labor intense, time consuming pointillism technique will take many months to complete a painting.  The artist decided to begin the composition with large, loose brush strokes.  The tiny #3 white sable brushes […]

Applying Grout to Mosaic Bench

After allowing the mortar to dry overnight I applied a light colored grout (bone), after the grout dries I will clean any residue from the tiles and file down a few sharp corners, and my bench will be done!! Next we dig out a patch of grass on the lawn by the lake and pour […]

Transferring Mosaic Design to Bench Top

I know I’m doing this the hard way, but this is how beginners learn.  My original arrangement (top) is now being transferred bit by bit to a fiberglass sticky back mesh (directly below).  I had many, many problems doing this.  In the future I will place the mosaic segments directly onto the mesh with my […]

Changing the Bench Mosaic Design

The photo above (upside down) shows my design evolving.  At first I thought nothing of using two different thicknesses of tiles, I soon found the uneven surface not to my liking.  To replace the thicker tiles with thinner ones is challenging, color choices are limited in our inventory of found and discarded material.  I also […]

Mosaic Designs Find a Life of Their Own

After a full day of smashing tile, pottery, and dishes into hundreds of irregular shapes I begin to find colors to use in my mosaic creation.  We really scored with the border tiles of flowers (oops I see the bottom right horizontal one is upside down).  These will go along the sides of the concrete […]

Making a Mosaic on a Concrete Bench

My neighbor Carol and I decided to ramp-up our amateur mosaic and concrete skills after successfully making stepping stones last summer, during the winter Carol’s husband, Dennis, designed and built these sturdy concrete benches for us to experiment.  I am excited, and know just where I want to place this bench in the yard once […]

“Not Going Away” Party for Us

It has been amazing the positive reaction to our announcement that we are not moving from Alaska, and not selling our house.  To celebrate, the entire neighborhood gave us an “Not Going Away” party.  It was a wonderful evening with great friends, good food, and memories.  Thank you friends we are glad to be able […]

Alaska Artist Open House June 20, 2012

To help everyone find the residence art studio for Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge Open House Wednesday, June 20, from 4-7pm, Bob and our neighbor Dennis posted the house numbers on the big rock in out by the road in front. The location for the artist open house is 2528 N. Pointe Circle, Wasilla, AK 99654. […]

Hanging Artwork for the Open House June 20

We’ve been busy re-arranging the house and studio for the Open House Wednesday evening from 4-7 pm, June 20.  The yard is very green and the garden is starting to grow, a couple of days of sunshine made the plants surge (weeds as well).  We are looking forward to hosting a fun event, wine & […]

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