Streaky Background

Yellow and yellow green are notorious for needing second or third coats. See how streaky the first coat is in this photo. This is the beginning of one panel of four for the Redington School % for Art project. I’m getting ready to apply the second coat.

Beautiful Fall Day

What a stunning Fall day, the lake is flat calm and the sun is shining.

Changing Colors

Colors are changing, leaves are blowing, Fall is here. I saw some Termination Dust at the top of the local mountains.

Loud Air Boat

Even though air boats are banned on our lake, someone still manages to roar around on one. They are so loud and leave a huge wake disturbing nesting ducks. Why do some people think rules don’t apply to them? We were glad when they finally took this nuisance off our lake.

Retrieving the Kayak

We’ve had some pretty strong winds lately, my lawn is littered with broken tree branches and leaves. Checking out the window on the lake side of the house I was stunned to see only one kayak on the dock. We store two there. Grabbing the binoculars I scanned the opposite shore and sure enough I […]

The Colors of Fall

Soon the landscape will be a riot of color. Love Fall in Alaska!

Frost Kill

And, it begins….the first casualty of Fall, my Asiatic Lilies are toast.

Last Color Before the Frost

We had a light frost last night, but any time now we will be hit with the big freeze! The flower pot is still struggling to stay in bloom, we shall see how long this lasts.

Fungus on Stump

Originally what I thought were mushrooms growing in the woods turned out to be a fungus covering the old, rotting tree stump. Interesting!

Rose Hips

The wild Roses have gone to seed, the plants are full of these red Rose Hips. In the middle of these I saw a Birch leaf mottled with the leaf miner.


This old stump in the woods is covered in these mushrooms. Weird!

Moving the Grass Pile

Down in the woods we have a gully and we have been throwing our yard cuttings there for the 11 years we’ve lived here. The gully hasn’t begun to fill-up. Through the years a nice path has developed to the cuttings pile, big enough for the wheel barrow. My lawn guy had a huge bag […]

Six Visitors

We are down to six visitors now, after a whopping total of 32 a few days ago. They have pretty much eaten up all the corn that was spread on the lawn, now they are after the sunflower seeds that have fallen from the bird feeder. I’ve got to have a talk with Bobs caregiver […]

Strange Fall Colors

I’m not sure what is going on with the Paper Birch trees, but this is the coloring on the leaves right now. Is it caused by a bug, or what???

Duck Invasion

While I was away traveling in Seward Bobs caregiver decided to feed the ducks. There were over 32 ducks on the lawn when I returned and they have taken over the dock. I have a note on the bucket of cracked corn now saying “Please Do Not Feed the Ducks”. Lots of poop everywhere.

Our View of the Eclipse

Disappointing, but this was our view of the Eclipse yesterday.

Alaska Glacier and Wildlife Tour

I had a chance to take a little R&R for a few days, so my friend Pat and I drove to Seward and took a glacier and wildlife tour. We got to see our son and daughter-in-law, and shared some awesome meals together. Thank you Ron and Janine for finding tickets for us to use […]

Fireweed Topped

I’ve been told that once the Fireweed tops it will be six weeks to winter. That would make it the first week of October, just about right.

Veges 2017

The garden has reached maturity, I’m picking Snap Peas and pulling Carrots almost daily. Some of the Potatoes are large enough to dig up, we had two last night and they are very tasty! The Squash is beginning to mature, and I’ve already harvested all the Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts. All in all the […]

Nasties and Petunias

This has been the perfect summer for growing flowers, just the right amount of rain and sunshine. My pots are all full and overflowing.

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