Ice Melting Fast

Open water along shore is making the Mallards happy. I’m thinking by the first of next week the lake ice will all be gone.

Nasty Bonapartes are Back

I’m not looking forward to the Bonaparte Gulls building a nest in the big spruce tree down by the dock. I try to discourage nest building there. Once eggs are layed, the gulls will dive bomb anyone coming near the tree. I wear a hard-hat and carry a push broom overhead for protection. Go somewhere […]

Mallard Pair

This female Mallard has a next down by the water in the weeds, the male stands guard from the vantage point of our lawn. It is unusual to see her off the nest. Such a handsome pair!

Redington Commission Begin Painting

I started painting the background on one of the four panels for the Redington School. Then, I ran out of paint. I’m waiting for my paint order to arrive before I can continue. I use Utrech acrylics from New York, and have been for nearly 40 years.

Lake Weeds

Wow, the water in the lake is really low! This is the first time I’ve seen the weeds that are usually under water, sticking out on top.

First Mallards

A male and a female Mallard arrived and have begun to build a nest in the woods next to the house. I can’t wait to see the baby chicks.

Good Samaritans Assemble Bed

Bob has had trouble walking and falling so we are using all the equipment we can to keep him safe. He fell the other day and cracked a rib among other injuries. Good friends loaned us a wheelchair yesterday, and while reading the local paper the Frontiersman, I saw an article about an amazing lady […]

Unsafe Ice

Don’t walk on thin ice! There are warm water springs out there making some ice much thinner than others. If someone is foolish enough to tread on thin ice, good luck to you for the rescue. Someone would have to launch a boat and drag it over the ice and water. By that time you […]

Time to Clean Perennials

Between time spent helping Bob who fell and broke a rib and working in the studio I need to find a few hours to go out and clean up this perennial garden along the side of the house. I look forward to the time spent working in my yard.

Snow Piles Melting Fast

With daytime temperatures approaching 50 degrees the snow piles are shrinking quickly. Spring is here!

Spring Break-up Begins

I would not recommend driving on the lake again until next winter once it freezes 3′ deep. I did see some ice fishermen out there this morning with their tent, but it looks like they walked. Smart! Depending on the weather and wind, we could be ice-free within several weeks. Yay!!

Redington School % For Art Project

I began sketching the images onto the 4’x8′ panels for the Redington School. Four panels will be joined together to create 32’x4′ image. An additional 4’x4′ panel will be mounted on a curved wall next to the main artwork. This is a fun job, and I will enjoy painting it, I should be ready to […]

Bob in His New Snuggie

Bob loves his new Snuggie, he is in his favorite chair wrapped in the Snuggie. Life is good!

Magpie Nest

Magpie freshening the old nest from last year. It is getting to be that time of year when eggs are laid and soon chicks are born. Spring!

Pretty Princess

Princess went to the groomer yesterday and got a bath and trimmed. Now she is very pretty and smells so good! She loves going to Scrub-a-Mutt in Palmer.

Snow Again

I just got all the walkways and patio cleared and it snowed again last night. I think I will just wait till it warms up and melts, that could happen any day now.

Cleared the Front Walk Again!

It seems like I have had to shovel the front walk almost every day lately. We seem to get a few inches of snow overnight regularly. This fresh snow will hasten the thaw, it is much warmer than the ground. Some days the fresh snow will be totally melted by midday.

Turning Green??

I noticed a slight tint of green beginning to show on the iris plants this morning. A sure sign that Spring is on the way!

Phone Line Snafu

Earlier this week I went to use my phone and I couldn’t dial out, I called the telephone company and they dialed my number but I didn’t ring. So a technician came out to troubleshoot. They discovered that my phone line was mixed with my dedicated fax line, and fixed that issue. They also discovered […]

Pair of Mallards Arrived

I didn’t get a photo, the Mallard pair were only here for a few minutes, but this is the earlies I’ve seen them in the yard. The wind continues to howl, melting mountains of snow. There are some patches of grass showing on the lawn by the lake. I sprinkled cracked corn on the lawn, […]

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