Random Thoughts; the Mundane Artists’ Life

I thought I’d chat about a few random things that I’ve been doing or planning.  Sometimes it seems that there is no time to paint, so much mundane, minutia in my day.  I always think that I’ll be better organized, but seem to be driven by mood and instincts.  If it is cold and dreary […]

Artist Niebrugge Learns To Fly 1977

Continuing her adventures in Alaska, the young artist pursued her private pilots license, taking lessons at the Gulkana airport.  The photo above shows Gail standing next to her airplane, a Cessna 170B nicknamed “Charlie”, parked at the upper gravel strip in Copper Center, Alaska.  Niebrugge obtained her license in 1978 and flew throughout the Wrangell-St. […]

Alaska Artist Niebrugge 1976

Young adventurer, artist Gail Niebrugge, arrives with her family in Copper Center, Alaska, during the summer of 1976.  Niebrugge planned to complete 15-20 paintings and return to their home in Lakeside, California, where she intended to exhibit her Alaska work.  By the end of summer the entire Niebrugge family decided to stay to experience a […]

Artist Gallery at the Glennallen Tastee Freeze 1979

Once the Niebrugge family decided to stay in Alaska they needed a source of income.  Back then and even today, making a living as an artist is nearly impossible, especially for an emerging one.  The family acquired the Glennallen Tastee Freez in 1977 and the dining room quickly became a gallery for Gail’s work.  Soon […]

Niebrugge Copper Center Alaska Studio 1980

Pictured above is Gail in the original studio in 1980.  During their tenure in the Copper River Basin, the Niebrugges converted part of their daylight basement into a space for Gail’s studio.  Gluing a thin sheet of cheap felt carpet onto the cement slab, covering open studs with 1/4″ paneling, and hanging several 4 bulb […]

Artist Niebrugge Paints Plein Aire 1986

Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge A favorite place for artist Gail Niebrugge to paint in Copper Center, Alaska, was a spot along the Klutina River road that was known locally as the “Helicopter Pad”.  Used during the construction of the Alaska oil pipeline as a landing site for helicopters it was a cleared area high on […]

Gail Niebrugge Artist Booth 1991

Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge In 1991 the Anchorage Alaska Fur Rendezvous was a wonderful winter venue for artists and craftsman to travel to the big city in order to show and sell their wares.  It was also a time when artists began producing limited edition offset prints from their original paintings.  Niebrugge already had some […]

Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge Early Field Research

Gail in 1990 sketching between downpours of rain at the remote site of the historic Chittitu Mine, in the Wrangell/St. Elias region of interior Alaska.  An Anchorage Times reporter accompanied Gail on this three-day excursion and wrote a long, detailed article about her work that was published in the Sunday Arts section of the Anchorage […]

The Good Old Days; Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Shows

From 1992 through 1995 Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge participated in her booth at the annual Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Shows held at the Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington.  Among the best known wildlife artists attending included Robert Bateman, Daniel Smith, Terry Isaac, Carl Brenders and more, it was a heady group with which to belong.  From […]

Early Niebrugge Art Shows in Alaska Galleries

Photo of artist Gail with owner of the House of Wood, Donna Wood, in Fairbanks in 2003.  Donna gave Gail her first show in Fairbanks in the early 1980’s and became one of her most valued gallery operators.  She continued showing at the House of Wood until Donna retired. Niebrugge at Waterfront Gallery in Juneau […]

The Niebrugges Explore Denali 1998

Continuing the series on artist Gail Niebrugges early career explorations in Alaska.  Once the artist reestablished her studio residence in Palmer, Alaska, she realized that her research was heavily vested in the Wrangell/St. Elias region and she had very little information on the landscape and wildlife of Denali National Park.  She began an intense five-year […]

Artist Niebrugge Featured in TV Commercial

Last week the film crew of Jerry LaVine at Connections Film & Video with Tony Sheppard and staff of Walsh/Sheppard Communications spent 3 hours at the studio of Gail Niebrugge filming a commercial for MTA, the local telephone coop.  Afterward Gail asked how long her film clip would run,  she was amazed that only 3-4 […]

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