Boxes of Books

BoxesOfBooks On our last cruise we met a lovely couple who were assigned to the same dining table, we became friends and have communicated by email and phone regularly. They have since embarked on a 45 day cruise and are sending updates. We had to cancel our cruise due to my husbands ongoing health issues. She asked me if I’d enjoy reading books, she said if I paid the postage she’d mail them to me. Well, $100 of postage later I have this stack of boxes full of books stored temporarily in the frame shop. Once read I’ve been donating them to the Senior Center Library and giving them to friends. When our kids came up to collect the car we gave them, the back seat was full of books. Somehow I’ll plow through them, but I think I have 10 years of reading here.

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  1. Noella Ross says:

    Treasure boxes, Gail! I have two and a half thousand books in my home library. Fiction is only a small amount. I love auto- and biographies, true life adventures, anything cats, humour, nature, geology, natural history, space…! I will have to have a very long life to read them all!

  2. You are so very right! I escape every night in my book.

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