Black Bears Surprise Us

During our brown bear/seabird research trip along the coastline of Cook Inlet, Alaska, in Lake Clark National Park, we hiked to an alpine lake to explore in canoes.  Pictured is Bob and our expert guide, Jen, negotiating away from an unexpected view of a black bear cub.  We could not locate the mother, so thought it best to move to the other side of the lake lest we inadvertently come between the mom and cub (not a good situation).  As soon as we approached the opposite shore a huge black bear emerged from the undergrowth.  He quickly ambled away from us, but not without gaining our undivided attention.  Apparently there are a large number of black bears in the region but they do not mix with the brown bears near the seashore.

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon exploring the lake and saw a Trumpeter swan land along the north shore.  An artists paradise.

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska wilderness artist

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