Beginning New Design for Art Commission

PhotoReferenceTime to begin a new design for my Alaska % for Art Commission for the new Mat Su Day School, in Wasilla.  I chose the curved entry wall for my artwork.  The selection committee liked the large bird cut-out shapes I did for the Palmer Courthouse, so I’m thinking I’ll continue the exploration of this idea for the school.  I have five years of reference photos of the magnificent Sandhill Crane, and it took longer than two days to search through all them to choose images for subject matter.  I printed the digital files on my old Cannon because I happened to have enough colored ink, the newer workhorse Brother printer that I normally use ran out of ink and it means a trip to Anchorage to purchase more.  The Cannon is so cranky that it messages “tray not open” even though it is, and I have to stand over it wiggling the tray to keep the printer printing.  Annoying and time consuming to say the least.  My art studio has three printers, a collection through the ages.  The big Epson Ultra Chrome is used with rag paper to make prints up to 17″ wide.  I send all the larger images to the professional printers I’ve been using for over 20 years.  So now, my drafting table is filled with photos of flying birds and I will begin designing something to fit the curved wall.  This project will take the rest of winter and part of spring and the completed art will be installed around June of this year.  It should keep me busy and out of trouble for awhile.

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