Beginning A New Painting of the Aurora Borealis


I have an idea for a new painting.  I want to show a night sky lit by the colorful Northern Lights with several snow laden spruce trees in the foreground silhouetted against the auroral display.  My recent research yielded many wonderful photos of snow covered trees, so finding suitable subject matter is solved.  I sketched the trees on the lower right half of the canvas leaving a large area of negative space free to design a glowing sky.  I’m depending on my memory and the fact that the Aurora Borealis is constantly changing to help me create these dazzling lights.  There are no right or wrong designs for the aurora, anything can happen with them.  So, this could be fun.  On the other hand. creating the soft transparent illusion of light will be a challenge and I’m sure I will be placing a lot of dots over the top of dots before I’m satisfied.  So, let the painting begin!

Gail Niebrugge, Pointillism artist

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  1. This I will be watching with great interest…

  2. Noella;

    Thanks. The painting took many unusual turns, but ended up quite nice. I know because it is at the photographers, finally finished!


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