Bear Proof Windows


Hannigita Heaven original pen/ink/watercolor by Gail Niebrugge. Sold.

A plein air drawing of my Hannigita Lake retreat. I brought watercolor, pencils, pen and ink and gesso prepared masonite panels to use during my week at the lake. Inside we felt secure and safe from bears that roamed the area. Each window had a stout rusty saw blade mounted across the opening, a definite deterrent. The door could be barred shut by a heavy plank that slid across its width, secured by a latch. On a nice warm night it got very stuffy and hot inside, so sometimes we took a risk and cracked the door open for ventilation. In the crisp, cool air of morning we pre-warmed our clothes by the wood stove. At night I was always wide-eyed and alert for wildlife as I crept across the rickety plank trail to the outhouse with heart beating wildly, and raced back to the safety of the cabin. It would take awhile to settle down and fall asleep again. We were wonderfully scared, brave, and in love with Hannigita, and Alaska.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska Artist

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  1. Ian Maynard says:

    I am enjoying your web-site , particularly the Pen and Ink Drawings augmented with watercolours . I have been retired from a career of Interior Design for about thirteen years and during the past five years have developed my own Pen and Ink Drawings sometimes with a touch of Watercolours .


    Ian in Toronto , Ontario , Canada

  2. Hello Ian,
    Thank you for the nice comment. Pen and ink is what I was trained to do back before pixels, we had to break everything down into lines or dots to be printed. It is fun.

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