My Mallards have returned

Every year this pair of Mallards make a nest in my yard down by the lake, last year they had 8 babies! It is fun to watch them feeding and swimming. They come up on the lawn and I put some cracked corn out for them to feed.

Borough dumped gravel on my lawn

I asked the Borough to send someone with a rake, shovel and wheelbarrow to clean up this mess, but so far nothing. They say that this is the right-of-way and they can do anything the want with it. I’m sure they are right, but show a little respect or courtesy. There is a vacant lot […]

Snow Birds

The other day during the snow storm a flock of tiny birds swarmed my trees.

Big Snow Wednesday

It was so gorgeous last Wednesday with a fresh snow, but it didn’t last long because of the regular, recurring valley winds.

Old Laundry Room

The new washer and dryer are too big for the old laundry room, so we put them in the garage. Today the cabinet makers installed this beautiful storage system in the old laundry room. I’m loving it!

Big Snow

The other day we had a big dump of snow, and more is on the way for the next five days.

Over 300 Calls for Service

I called the Borough Road Maintenance office to find out why only a small strip of snow had been plowed in our cul-de-sac. The lovely lady who answered said they have received over 300 calls for service in the last 24 hours. Wow! I guess we are doing just fine, we can get to the […]

From Heather Lende Sunday Post

“You shall love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart./”- W.H. Auden My favorite lessons are from Matthew’s gospel. Blessed are the meek, blessed are the peacemakers, and let your shine in the darkness, pray in private, don’t act all holy and good, and the big one: love your neighbor as yourself. “Neighbor” meaning everyone, […]

Snow Balls

Remnants from the last storm, more snow due this week.

Golf on the Frozen Lake

Today there was a golf derby on the frozen lake. Many cars drove onto the ice and the occupants played golf with orange colored balls. Flags were set up to mark the greens (snows). It was a perfect day for such an activity. So far no stray balls landed in our yard or hit the […]

28 Degrees Indoors

Boy it was a good thing that I had to get something from the detached garage today, when I got inside I realized my furnace has been out quite awhile and it was 28 degrees inside. Paying big time to have repairman come on a Saturday evening. He already had to repair the furnace in […]

Pea Soup

The morning began with thick fog, then suddenly it lifted. Amazing!

Princess Sunshine

As the winter sun streamed in the window, Princess found a nice place to enjoy the warmth.

Fishing Derby

Today was the Fishing Derby on our lake, many vehicles arrived with people all decked out in Carhartts or snow suits. At first it was chilly and windy, but as the day progressed the sun came out and the wind slowed down. It looked like a good time was had by all.

Fishing Hut

Today there are about six or seven fishing huts in our view of the lake. Fishing must be good!

Last Night

Nature put on quite a show last night. Gorgeous!

Overnight Fresh Snow

We got 4-6″ of snow overnight, just enough to shovel the walkways and have the driveway plowed. It is always stunning to walk among the spruce trees laden with new white snow. At 7:00AM it was still dark when I took Princess outside, and the trees on the lawn were gorgeous with their colored lights […]

Ring Neck Pheasant Visitor

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of an unusual bird walking in the woods alongside our front lawn. I grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots before the Pheasant disappeared into the brush. I wonder if he is domestic, pheasants are not normally seen in this part of Alaska.

Seriously Gorgeous Sunset

Wow, we’ve had some seriously gorgeous sunsets lately.

Everett’s Bar & Bistro on Cottonwood Lake

This is some seriously good food, burger patties from local beef. My new favorite place!

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