Mamma With Seven

There are about three or four families of ducks that frequent our yard now. Some of the babies have grown quite large, this is a new hatch.

Bush Pea Starts

The seeds have bloomed and the Bush Peas look like they will need thinning. I love picking peas from the vine and eating them right in the garden. Princess puppy loves the peas as well.

Rhubarb Seed

It seems early but the Rhubarb plants have already gone to seed.

Iris; Blue and White

The Iris are almost the first perennial to bloom in the garden. Here I show the purple/blue Iris and the rare white Iris.

Baby Mallards

This mamma Mallard has quite a brood to care for.

Hearty Weeds

This is the time of the year when weeds flourish, they are even breaking through the asphalt on the driveway.

Two Bunnies

Yesterday I spotted two domestic rabbits feeding in the yard. Fortunately my vegetable garden is in raised beds so they couldn’t decimate the lettuce and tender young starts. The last I saw, they were happily hopping down the road away from our house. Such a shame to dump domestic rabbits into the wild, I have […]

Two Swans

The other day I looked out the window at the lake and saw these two beautiful swans swimming in our cove. They stayed awhile, fed and rested, then took off for the breeding grounds a bit further north.

Cinnamon Teal?

This beautiful cinnamon colored duck swam by yesterday with a brood of ten babies! I looked her up in the Sibleys Guide to Northwestern Birds and she seems to fit the description of a Cinnamon Teal. Thoughts anyone?

Garden Fully Planted!

Today I finally braved the cold weather and wind and finished the planting of the vegetable garden. I’m hoping the weather will warm up a bit soon, or the seeds may not germinate in enough time to produce. We have only a 90 day growing season, and this year we are pushing the limit.

Curious Common Loons

All morning these loons circled the nesting Rednecked Grebe. I wondered if they were going to try to oust her from the nest and eat the eggs. But, as of tonight, they are gone and the Grebe is still sitting on the nest.

Nasty Cow Parsnip Invasion

This Cow Parsnip will be a challenge to remove without hurting some of the Perennials in this garden. And this one is going to be a beast with all the thorny Rose bushes surrounding.

Vegetable Garden Seeds Planted

Small mounds where potato starts are planted. I will add soil and build the mounds larger as the plants grow. I have several beds of snap peas, these are Sugar Snaps. Three of the fourteen raised beds are not planted yet. My neighbor is hardening off cauliflower, broccoli, and lettuce for me. She also came […]

Duck at Brunch

Mosquito Hatch

We have had a wet, cool Spring, thus a giant hatch of mosquitoes have invaded. Today I fired up two Mosquito Magnets and soon their mesh bags will be full of the bodies of dead mosquitoes! Yay!!

Nesting Sign Sinking

Ooops! The Rednecked Grebes have built a nest on the support braces of our Bird Nesting sign, and it is ready to sink. In this photo I can see one egg, but I’m sure there are several more. The Grebes won’t let us get near the nest to make repairs, so what will be, will […]

First Robin of the Season

After a nice soaking rain the worms crawled out onto the grass and the Robins were there to greet them. It is nice to see the Robins return.

Immature Bald Eagle Eying Potential Lunch

This juvenile Bald Eagle hung around watching the lake and then eying Princess. We took Princess inside for safety. Her outdoor kennel has a wire mesh roof for just this very situation.

Surprise 80th Birthday Party!

Nancy Kanadys kids threw a wonderful dinner party for her 80th birthday at the new South Restaurant in Anchorage. Great food, wonderful ambiance, and connecting with old friends made it an outstanding event!

Beautiful Bouquet

This beautiful bouquet was delivered today from one of my kids, I’m thinking it was Tawny. Love it!

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