Ice Fishing Hut

It is cold and windy outside, but the ice fishermen are toasty warm inside the fishing hut with a heater and a T.V. so they won’t miss the game.

1939 Lionel 1666

Yesterday a very nice man came over and repaired our antique Lionel train. It was purchased for my husband during his first year of life. It runs perfectly again. We had to remove the switch tracks, they were shorting the track out. So now the train motors beautifully on the oval track. Thank you John!

Turkey Day

We will be eating within the hour. Looks and smells good!

Well sanded roads

The Borough has done a good job of sanding the roads, they were black ice before, then it snowed. I’m glad for the heavy layer of sand.

Wind Polished

Nineteen degrees and howling wind, very uncomfortable outside.


Rather foggy out there today.

Duck Tracks

Looks like there is still one duck in Alaska, I see the tracks where it landed and walked over to the bird feeder, ate sunflower seeds before walked away and flew off.

Bald Eagle

A week ago this huge Bald Eagle landed on a tree next to the frozen lake. The next day our neighbors reported that their cat was missing. You think???

Princess is Four Years Old!

She had her birthday on October 29, I can’t believe we’ve had her for almost four years! She is a constant joy and a big love bug.

Ice Cracks

The wind has polished the ice and exposed a myriad of cracks in the ice.

Lake Snow

A little snow on frozen ice and you have a lake of snow. Temperatures were around 9 degrees this morning.

Frozen Surface

Yesterday morning the surface of the lake was frozen with a thin crust of ice. It will grow thicker each day as temperatures do not rise above freezing. The temptation for those who do not realize how thin the ice is, is to walk on it. Warning, stay off the ice until it is at […]

The Resident Muskrat

This little guy lives under the dock burrowed into the soft mud bank. I rarely get to see him. Once the lake is frozen we will see his bubble trails, occasionally he will appear beneath our feet under the clear ice.

Ducks on Ice

No Bald Eagle today so the ducks are back in force!

Bald Eagle

Yesterday there were no ducks along shore, and that seemed a bit strange. Maybe they all flew south at once. Then I spotted the reason, a Bald Eagle was sitting in a tree posted like a sentry watching for something to eat. Smart ducks!

And it Begins!

Ice is forming along the edges of the lake in our cove. Soon it will cover the lake, and before long it will be thick enough to support the weight of a vehicle. Winter is on the way!

Frosty Spruce

Lots of ice and frost in the mornings now. Everyone wants it to snow!

Over 60 Ducks in the Cove!

This morning I was surprised to see more than 60 ducks swimming in our cove, some came up onto the lawn but most stayed in the water feeding and preening. By noon they were all gone! I think we are being considered as a “hot spot” for the duck migration. I stopped putting out cracked […]

More Fog

What can I say? Fog, fog, and more fog.

Heavy Fog

Can’t see a thing, a good day to not go out driving.

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