Aurora Borealis Painting Pointillism Detail


The above photo is a close-up of the layering of dots on a section of the sky in the Aurora Borealis painting.  So far I’ve only used mid and dark values, I’m saving the lightest lights for later.  In this example you can see how the dots overlap each other in a crazy jumble.  I don’t space out my dots, they are randomly placed sometimes on top of each other until the desired effect is obtained.  At this point I am stepping away from the easel often to evaluate the progress.  Up close the painting becomes deranged, wild, and wonderful!  I become very absorbed in my work and stop only when my hand goes to sleep or my shoulder cramps in muscle spasms.  I stretch often and can sometimes be found stretching backwards over the exercise ball that I keep in the studio.  Nothing can keep me from the joy of creating a painting, I will battle old injuries, stiffness, and an aging body until I win!

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, landscape painter

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  1. Hi Gail cant wait to see the finished painting its amazing how many dots and different colours you use what kind of paint do you use and what size of brush do you use different sizes of brushes ?amazing paintings Lesley

  2. Leslie;

    Thanks. If you look through the Categories on this blog and click “Creating a Painting” you will find many other paintings that I’ve shown the process. You can go way back to this page ( it shows my brushes. I use acrylic paint.


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