Aurora Borealis Painting Phase 3


Now I begin to add dots of mid values to the shapes in the background.  The trees are still in their original form.  I will tackle them after I’ve established the light and dark values and patterns of the Northern Lights in the sky.  I am using free expression as I paint the background, and the design will change and evolve radically as the painting progresses.  I’ve chosen this approach to illustrate the value of being flexible and the fun of using unlimited freedom to create rather than following a rigid set of rules.

More tomorrow,

Gail Niebrugge, Alaska pointillism painter

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  1. hi Gail amazing paintings, the northern lights are amazing to see you have captured them beautifully in your pictures i cant wait to see the finished painting, I am thinking about trying pointillism but not sure what paint to use, keep painting your pictures are amazing Lesley

  2. Lesley;

    Thank you for your nice comments! You can paint pointillism with any paint, just try it and experiment.


  3. Thanks Gail for the encouragement i think i will give it a go i can sometimes see the aurora from my kitchen window in the NE of Scotland, have you tried pointillism with oil pastels all the best Lesley

  4. Lesley;

    No, I haven’t. I think it would be gorgeous, but knowing how pointillism works it could be a lot more work. Why don’t you try it and send me some photos of your effort.


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