Art Card – Moose Two

Art Card – Moose Two

Art Cards are blank on the inside, and include an envelope.
To order Art Card call our distributor Taku Graphics toll free at 1-800-ART-3291

Beautiful folded note cards from original paintings by Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge.  Each 5”x 7” note card is blank inside with a description of the original painting and a biography of the artist printed on the back.  These cards make a thoughtful gift or perfect for a personalized greeting.

Alaska artist Gail Niebrugge spent many hours during fall rutting season in Alaska searching for large bull moose.  They are often visible parading, thrashing antlers, and establishing their dominance in an effort to impress cows.  Niebrugge watched as smaller bulls challenged this big ungulate, sparring antler to antler until he dominated the region and reigned as winner.  Niebrugge Studio is the publisher of artist Gail Niebrugge prints, posters, and cards.  “Moose Two” is also available as a Mini Art Print.

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