Alaska Artist Explores Thin Ice

Photo for Reference File by Alaska Artist Gail Niebrugge

Gail said, “this section along a slough of a small tributary of the Susitina River gives a whole new meaning to thin ice.  It was so fragile that when broken it shattered into tiny pieces with the tinkling sound of breaking glass.”  On a lovely day trip up the George Parks Highway in late October Gail’s adventure wanderings led to a photo reconnaissance mission gathering images of frozen water, rocks and grass to add to her research files for use in future paintings.  The artist enjoys this time of the year in Alaska when rivers begin to freeze, the slowing flow allows sediment to clear exposing bottom shallows to reveal patterns and designs created by stones, mud, driftwood and frozen sedges.  Paper thin ice framed the water with designs of undulating sometimes parallel strata and circular irregular bubble shapes.  The sun shone warm in the freezing air and Niebrugge again found inspiration in nature.

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  1. Yet more of Nature’s beautiful designs!

  2. Take the time to really see these things, most rewarding.

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