37 Years Painting McCarthy-Kennicott, Alaska


“Kennicott;Stabilized” 9″x12″ limited edition print 600 hand signed by artist Gail Niebrugge.

Original painting 36″x47″ SOLD

Yesterday I spent all-day, 8 hours, creating a digital slide show of my 37 years painting McCarthy-Kennicott, Alaska, to be shown to the guests at the Kennicott Glacier Lodge, Wednesday evening August 7.  It was a huge task because most of my photos were in the form of slides and had to be scanned, color corrected and sized.  I still don’t have all the images I’d like, and some of my scans are pretty awful taken with Ektachrome film, dirty and scratched.  But, the essence is there, the changes through time to these historic places and all the artwork produced from inspiration.  I’ve given this show before as a slide show using a 35mm projector, but technology has changed and this old gal needs to stay abreast of the new fangled equipment.  I have one digital slide show of painting pointillism that I use in my booth at the Alaska State Fair, now I’ve got this one and can trade off showing them.  We will be at the Kennicott four nights and I hope to add new subject matter to my continuing research for future paintings, and perhaps a new painting will emerge over the winter.  This is a place that I dearly love and is part of the reason that we decided to stay in Alaska 37 years ago.  I am so happy that the Wrangell-St. Elias National park is working to preserve these historic buildings, they are national treasures and deserve saving.  I hope to see some of you out there next Wednesday night!



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  1. Noella Ross says

    Have a wonderful time, remembering and making new memories.

    Love, Noella- in Fiji !

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